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The Green and Yellow Hope

After publishing an article of who the Jags should target in free agency, the Packers decide to cut All-Pro guard Josh Sitton. The football gods could be looking down at the Jags, and this is their chance to take advantage.

Josh Sitton is a three time All Pro offensive lineman, and was recently cut by the Green Bay Packers. The largest hole on this Jags team is the offensive line. It just so happens, the left side of the Jags line is what needs the most help. Sitton has played the majority of his Packers career at left guard. The only question is why? The man has been a second team all pro member the last three years and is only 30 years old. Is he injured? Did he violate a major rule? The Packers are a well run team, so its strange they would cut a player of this caliber.

The Jags are in no position to pass this opportunity up. The offensive line has major issues, and their starting left tackle is coming off a serious injury. Sitton is better than any offensive lineman the Jags currently have, and by a wide margin. Though this is not a flashy pick up, but the entire offense would improve with the addition of Sitton.

Think of offensive linemen as the things you need, not so much want. It's nice to have flashy toys like a nice car or television (wide recievers and running backs), but offensive linemen are the walls, floors and roof. The Jags have their cars and television, now let's build a beautiful house.

The Jags have the cap space and the need as the position. Don't waste time Jacksonville, this your chance to have one of the best free agencies in the last decade. Sitton is not an over the hill athlete who got cut by his team, this truly is a weird situation the Jags need to take advantage of. It's almost as if this was meant to happen specifically for the Jags.

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