Oh Captain, My Captain

One week until Gus Bradley begins his 4th season at the helm in Jacksonville. He is 12-36 over his first 3 years. Gus didn't exactly inherit the '95 Cowboys like Barry Switzer did.

So here we are.   One week until Gus Bradley begins his 4th season at the helm in Jacksonville.   He is 12-36 over his first 3 years.    Gus didn't exactly inherit the '95 Cowboys like Barry Switzer did.  When you get right down to it they had less talent than any other organization in the NFL.  The Browns have been dreadful.  They at least have themselves a Hall of Famer at Tackle in Joe Thomas.   When the Lions went 0-16 at least they have Calvin Johnson.   When Bradley took over in 2013 this team had no talent.   Maurice Jones Drew was running out of gas and well...That was about it.  There are currently 3.  That's correct 3 players left from that roster still around:  Marcedes Lewis, Paul Posluszny and Chad Henne.  That's it. 

So what does this all mean?  It's means Gus Bradley may have had the worst roster in the NFL.    But after 3 years that doesn't matter any more.  Shad Khan has given David Caldwell carblanch when it comes to this team. 

Since the last regular season loss to the Texans they have added:

Malik Jackson  - FA

Chris Ivory  - FA

Prince Amukamara - FA

Jalen Ramsey - Draft

Myles Jack - Draft

                                                                                                                                                                   Prince Amukumara is just one of many that will need to have big season

Now I can go on and on but that's at least 5 new starters.   So is just plain progress enough?    If it is will 8-8 be enough?  Who is the last NFL coach to have losing records in his their first 4 seasons at the helm?  If Gus doesn't finish at least .500 that is exactly where we will be.  This team has the most amount of talent that any Jags team has had since they beat the Steelers back in January of 2008.   How will it gel?  Will it gel?  The talk of playoffs were everywhere just 3 weeks ago.   After the 1st pre-season game against the Jets it hit fever pitch.   The Bucs game let some air out of the balloon.  The Bengals game was the equivalent of a cow going to the butcher's.  

The Packers game is viewed as "the" litmus test.  It shouldn't be.  That game should be Week 2 in San Diego.   If this team is 1-1 after their trip to California then the organization is heading in the right direction.  The Jaguars need to pick as much low hanging fruit as possible.  Other than the Titans in Nashville can you think of a more winnable road game than the Chargers in San Diego?  By the way those teams were slotted 1st and 3rd in the NFL draft back in April.   The Bucs and Titans were #1 and #2 in 2015's draft.   The Jags went 1-2 against them last season.   So as he Jags embark on a new venture.  One that has a tint of optimism.   What will be enough for Gus Bradley to have a 5th season in Jacksonville? They have 9 games with teams that had losing records last year.   If he wins all of those that will be enough.  I think. 

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