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Jags Bag Essentials for the Packers Game

The NFL Season is just days away and as you get ready to load up your trucks for tailgates that'll make you forget about the work week, make sure you remember the League's bag policy when heading into Everbank. As far as filling that bag, Zac Blobner has the essentials you need for the Green Bay game.

The NFL Season is just days away and as you get ready to load up your trucks for tailgates that'll make you forget about the work week, make sure you remember the League's bag policy when heading into Everbank.  

The policy limits the sizes and types of bags allowed into NFL stadiums. Fans may carry clear plastic tote bags up to 12x6x12 inches, one-gallon plastic freezer bags or clutches no larger than 4.5 x 6.5 inches.  The full language of what is and isn't allowed in to the Bank can be found here.

More importantly, I'm here to tell you the essentials for gameday against the Green Bay Packers, Sunday in Jacksonville.

  • Cheese Grater : Those cushion cheese hats are darn cute, Packer fans.  I mean I can't imagine why a grown adult wouldn't LOVE the idea of a giant yellow block of cheddar sitting on their head.  Anyways, we've got our very own Cheese Grater here in Jacksonville,  by the name of Dante Fowler.  The second year rookie has looked freakishly good in training camp, beating Jags offensive lineman after jags offensive lineman.  Albeit, his preseason exposure in games has left something to be wanted but you can't be that athletic and not find a way to the opposing team's quarterback at some point.  And if Todd Wash's defense has a shot at shaking up Aaron Rodgers, it's going to be by pressure and specifically, sacks.
  • Bubba Burgers: Eddie Lacy may have slimmed down this off season thanks to hitting the P90x system hard but once a food lover, always a food lover.  Cheeseburger Eddy can't hide from what has slowed him down most in his career, McDonalds.  Consider Telvin Smith & Paul Posluszny a couple of Big Mac's, as the tackling duo looks to weigh down the former Alabama running back's legs.  Jags fans hope to sing the famous jingle all day long with a bit of a twist, "Two all beef linebackers, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun, GO JAGS!"
  • Hair Clippers: The flowing locks of Clay Matthews is one of his most noticeable attributes, on the field, second to only his pass rushing abilities.  His attempts to bull rush of the edge will be thwarted though by newly acquired starting left tackle Kelvin Beachum.  Beachum will attempt to literally block Matthews off his feet, in a fashion that might make those long blonde strands of hair fly of the head of the Green Bay linebacker.  Protecting Blake Bortles blindside is perhaps the most important part to this game, and season for the Jaguars; a task that begins in a hurry Week One as the menacing Matthews comes to town.  If you're wondering if an almost fully healthy Beachum is up to the task, all I'll say is this- Welcome to the Barber Shop, Clay.
  • Muzzle: Packers Safety Ha Ha Clinton Dix is looking to take the leap at safety in his 3rd season in the league, similar to his Jacksonville counterpart Johnathan Cyprien; with goals of being one of the best in the NFL.  Cyp will be facing some of the best wide receivers in the league when you look at Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb but Clinton Dix doesn't exactly get the night of either.  Allen RobinsonAllen Hurns, and co. will be looking to muzzle the Green Bay safety and silence whatever trash talk he might consider using.  The brothers Allen both broke the 1000 yard mark last season, with Robinson taking his talents to the Probowl and will take aim at another dynamic season with a great fantastic supporting cast starting Sunday in the Bank.  You've been put on notice Ha Ha.
  • Stamps: We aren't completely heartless here in Jacksonville, when the Packers o-line is struggling to hold it down in the trenches, we know Josh Sitton is going to love all the "We Miss You" cards sent to him.  Luckily, the Teal & Black faithful will have plenty of stamps to gift you to help alleviate the pain.  Now, the picture on that postage will be Malik Jackson, just so Josh knows who to really thank.  Jackson is making big bucks for big plays in Jacksonville and the first people to feel his wrath fully will be the front mean in the green jerseys.  AS Malik swims through tackles and guards, the Superbowl winning defensive tackle will make set the tone for his 2016 campaign.
  • Sunglasses: The Florida heat can be smothering and with the gamble of an awkward face tan, I highly suggest wearing some shades.  Speaking of shade, expect Jared Cook and any other of Rodgers receiving options to be covered thanks to Jalen Ramsey & Tashaun Gipson in the secondary.  The new editions to Jacksonville's coverage look to blanket more than Verizon and AT&T combined.  Plus, Davon House is poised to do some shining himself against his former team, quoted earlier this week, "I just want to go out there and show them how much better I am from the time I left Green Bay."
  • Notebook: This is the most important thing of them all.  Blake Bortles is planning on showing the Green Bay players and fans that school is in session.  Bortles looks to build on his breakout year in 2015 with even more touchdowns and less interceptions in 2016.  A true gunslinger, but one who is ready to win; Bortles has made it apparent in the offseason and following the preseason loss to the Cincinnati Bengals that anything other than a victory is unacceptable.  Blake will show his total control of Greg Olsen's offense and variety of weapons as he picks apart an overrated Packer defense, no offense to the legendary coordinator Dom Capers.

In all seriousness, Sunday is a great opportunity to show the rest of the football world the Jaguars have arrived.  I wouldn't say the deck is stacked against Gus Bradley's squad but they are the underdog as usual.  The only way to change the expectations and perspective in DUVAL is to win, and Aaron Rodgers won't make it easy.  Rebuilding and youth are two words you can throw out of your excuse book this season, the time is here and the time is now Jacksonville; lets cut some cheese!  Okay bad choice of words.

*Disclaimer do NOT actually try and bring any of these items into the stadium, besides the sunglasses of course.*


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