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Lynch Love - Feel the Rainbow, Jacksonville

Remember that abundance of running backs the Jags had a few weeks ago? To many to count? Yeah. That seems like an eternity ago.

Remember that abundance of running backs the Jags had a few weeks ago? To many to count?   Yeah.  That seems like an eternity ago.  Chris Ivory hasn't been ruled out yet but he will not play this weekend.   His health issue may keep him out of the line-up for the Ravens next week.   To quote Simon and Garfunkel sort of "Where have your gone Jonas Gray? ... Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you...ooh...ooh...ooh"

So now what?  Well Corey Grant and Denard Robinson are the same back .  Both are extremely athletic.  Both are extremely elusive.  Both are not the solution to this issues.   GOALLINE & REDZONE RESULTS.    That's why Chris Ivory was brought in.  This team is still significantly under the cap.   Marshawn Lynch is interested in returning to the NFL.  

  Gus Bradley is familiar with "Beast Mode". This is a call that needs to be made.   TJ Yeldon is not going to last with this work load. In Alabama he was part of a cycle.  He needs to be a part of a cycle.   

So often we fall in love with flash.   Oh he is so dynamic.  He is so athletic.   Those things are overrated at this point.   The Jags need some thunder.  They need some power.  They need some Blunt Force Trauma.   Marshawn isn't a long term answer.  I know that.  You know that.  The Jags know that.  He knows that. 

This dining room table that is the Jags backfield and to many wine glasses and fondue pots and not even legs.   Well happens when Ivory and Yeldon are healthy again?  

Well then one of the other running backs goes. If they aren't going to carry the ball is there really a need for a 3rd kick returner?  Right now continuing on at this rate is the same as some one who tints their car windows when they need new tires.    So Mr. Caldwell. It's time to "Feel the Rainbow".   Pick up the phone and call Marshawn Lynch.   I'll even pay for the daily bag of Skittles. 

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