Water Damage: Rivers Shreds Jags

It felt like déjà vu watching Philip Rivers have his way with the Jags defense. It’s not surprising, the veteran quarterback has destroyed the Jags the last three times he has faced them. Something about that Gus Bradley defense makes Rivers play to his utmost potential. I guess it’s just the same old song and dance for the San Diego quarterback.

This was an interesting case; Philip Rivers is not a mobile quarterback. Usually, the way to get to him is to have a strong pass rush early on. The Jags pass rush was not great, but they did get to Rivers a few times and even forced a fumble. The veteran quarterback adapted and stayed sharp on his passes. He spread the ball and extended the plays to keep the defense guessing. It was a virtuoso performance from the future hall of fame quarterback.

One thing about Philip Rivers is he spreads the ball around. It doesn’t matter if you are a future Hall of Famer, or an undrafted free agent. That’s just what he did, as he threw four touchdowns to three different receivers. The Jags had no answers and this was not just a case of Rivers having a career day. The Jags were lost out there. We can only imagine how this would have looked with Keenan Allen out there.

There are no excuses. The Jags laid en egg today against a team whom they were capable of beating. Rivers probably wishes he could play the Jags every week and throw for 6,000 yards and 60 touchdowns in a season. The absence of Prince Amukamara was apparent and the Jags showed their lack of depth to their secondary today. When your weakness is that visible, a quarterback of Rivers’ caliber will exploit it. Now onto another franchise quarterback in Joe Flacco, God help us.






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