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Saving Private Bortles

The left tackle position was a nightmare for the Jags all offseason. Surprise, none of that has changed so far in the regular season. Has it not registered that protecting Blake Bortles is the number one objective? It's hard not to say, “I told you so,” when a team knew they had struggles at left tackle and hardly addressed it in free agency and completely ignored it in the draft.

Blake Bortles has been sacked five times in two games. He is constantly under pressure and it’s starting to get to him. Kelvin Beachum was brought in during free agency to supplant Luke Joeckel at left tackle. The Jags knew he was coming off a major ACL tear, and irresponsibly didn’t take a left tackle at any point in the draft. Look at winning teams throughout the league; they all take offensive linemen inside the first two rounds almost every year. Not the Jags though, why would they want to protect their franchise quarterback? That’s what winning teams do.

Beachum left the game to enter the concussion protocol; he was not looking stellar before the injury. He was set up to fail. Coming off an ACL tear, missing all of training camp and preseason and the Jags just throw him in as the starter. What happened to the “completion” between Beachum and Joeckel? That was not only a lie, but also a waste of time and reps.

The NFL is filled with [bad] teams that do this all the time. They draft a quarterback an just surround him with skill players like wide receivers, but no offensive line. Is it even a question where the Jags fall under? Unless they wake up and realize Bortles is the number one priority, they will continue to get dominated by teams with run-of-the-mill pass rushers. Up next is the Ravens, with Elvis Dumervil expected to return and Terrell Suggs healthy again. This game could get ugly fast, smart money says Bortles adds another three sacks to his resume.  



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