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Chill Out

This team has 3 rookies starting on defense. Eight new starters. Did we not learn anything from the 2011 Miami Heat, 2004 Boston Red Sox or any Clemson Tiger Football team the last decade?

People are upset.  I get it.  This team look uninspired in San Diego.   We have gotten to the point where people are calling for Gus Bradley's job.  This team is now 12-38 in his 50 games as head coach of the Jags.  I'm not one of these people.  This Ravens game is your gauge.  I look to a season ago.  The Chiefs were 1-5 and made the playoffs.  The Falcons were 5-0 and didn't.  This team has 3 rookies starting on defense.   Eight new starters.  Did we not learn anything from the 2011 Miami Heat, 2004 Boston Red Sox or any Clemson Tiger Football team the last decade? 

You infuse 4 new free agents and 4 rookies into your starting grid and they are going to hit the ground running?  Good gracious this takes more than two games.  It's amazing this team is now viewed as the chaos we saw in San Diego not the team that was a play away from winning against the Packers  Chill out.  For the first time in his the Bradley/Caldwell era the water is heading to a boil.

  Let's see how the players respond.   Look what the Rams did for Jeff Fisher following the 49ers debacle.  They shut down the Seahawks.  Let's see what they have in the tank.  Fans are going to panic.  For crying out loud some Alabama fans wanted to replace Nick Saban with Kirby Smart after the Ole Miss game last season. 

I am not.   I am also by no means am a rose colored glasses guy but this team is being a built as a cake.   What a cake look like when it has eggs and milk floating around in bowl with cake mix, brown sugar, sour cream and vanilla extract?   Let's see if Gus can get these ingredients put together?  Maybe he can't.  Maybe this weekend Joe Flacco will put a stake in the heart of what some Jags fans believe is their own walking dead vampire. 

  Cerebral people don't panic.   This team will show you what Gus Bradley's means to them this weekend.  When your coach has his back to the wall the reaction of those around him is everything.  This team has Bradley's back.  

Watch this weekend.  Look at how they handle the weight of the world on their shoulders.  The Ravens are 2-0 and flying high.  The Jags are 0-2 and wounded in the corner.  You tell me?  Who do you expect to play with a edge?   Bail on Bradley if you want.  Come find me next Sunday night.  I'll be the guy telling you - "Don't worry.  Nobody believed Galileo initially either."  

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