Wish Granted: Corey Grant Interview

Exclusive interview with Jags running back Corey Grant.

Corey Grant had a lot to say about this Jags offense and what a healthy Chris Ivory means to this team. Obviously the Jags need more from the running game. The offense clearly tries to establish the run game early and set up play action passes. That cannot be done when the offense averages less than three yards a carry.

Grant brings his own skill set to the running back position. He is fast, has great vision and can catch the ball out of the backfield. He is not a workhorse though, he is best utilized in open space and on special teams. Chris Ivory is a downhill, one cut and run type of running back. He would be the power to Grant's speed and quickness. T.J. Yeldon is a big running back, but has shown wear and tear when he handles a massive workload. Ivory would not only help keep these other running backs fresh, but also bring the power running game to the next level.

Looking forward against this Ravens defense. They have a strong front seven and a weaker secondary. The Jags need to establish a run game early to keep the corners guessing and then beat them deep with their receivers. The talent is there for this Jags team, but slow starts and penalties have killed them so far this season. The running back depth they thought they had didn't exist, and Denard Robinson and Corey Grant are too similar in play style. The answer might not be in Ivory, but he definitely won't make it worse.

Grant knows his role, and he knows what he brings to the table. He can't do it by himself, the Jags will need Ivory to step up in a big way come Sunday against the Ravens.


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