Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Running Backs

Remember all that running back depth the Jags supposedly had all offseason? Apparently that went out the window because T.J. Yeldon touched the ball forty times in two games. With Corey Grant and Denard Robinson playing sub par, the Jags need Chris Ivory more than they thought. This Sunday should be his official Jags debut.

The Jags run game has been stuck in the mud. They haven’t been able to move the ball on the ground and have had multiple third and long situations. Defenses have shown no respect for the Jags run game not only between the 20s, but also in the redzone. Despite T.J. Yeldon's 6’1 225lb frame, he has struggled with large workloads and short yardage situations.  Chris Ivory will change all of this; he will be able to wear down defenses with his bruising downhill style.

The greatest threat Ivory brings to the offense is his goal line presence. He will force defenses to load the box and try to stop the run. Ivory will also allow the Jags to attempt more play action passes, as well as keep the other running backs fresh. The Jags haven’t coveted a running back’s return like this since Maurice Jones-Drew.

No one is expecting Ivory to come in and get 30 carries. However, he will give the running game an element it has been desperately missing. He will still be rotating with Yeldon and brought in slowly. He is still not 100 percent, and will most likely be put on a snap count. The Jags paid good money for Ivory, the last thing they need is another set back.

Now we can see the one-two punch the Jags wanted for 2016. It's not a typical speed vs power one-two punch, but more so two running backs who are both capable of doing a little bit of everything. Both running backs are dynamic and have handled heavy workloads in the past. Now they can help each other out by keeping the other fresh.


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