Ravens vs Jaguars Preview - 2 Minute Warning

There is a "Point of No Return" for this current regime. An 0-3 start would all but make the Colts game in London a must win.

The 1992 Chargers, The 1995 Detroit Lions and the 1998 Buffalo Bills.  - Do you know that these three teams have in common?  Well.... they are the only teams to start the season 0-3 and still make the NFL post-season.  It's a very small list.  Very Small.  That's what the Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to avoid.  To be on a list of something that hasn't occurred since the Clinton administration isn't a good thing.  Gus Bradley's seat has a few more coals under it with each passing day.  I get it.  People are upset.  There is a "Point of No Return" for this current regime.  An 0-3 start would all but make the Colts game in London a must win. 

A funny thing happens in this league when a team gets embarrassed.  They almost experience an out of body experience the following week.  They look into a mirror and see a reflection of what they are.  They don't like it.  They get angry and somehow, someway find something inside of them they didn't know they had.   We are about to find out if this team has "that".

This team went from healthy to hampered.  No Brandon Linder, No Kelvin Beachem, No Prince Amukamara, No Jared Odrick (maybe) - That's a lot.   But here is the rub.... Chris Ivory is back.  This team is about to pull is Jekel & Hyde act.  It will remind you of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry's girlfriend looked great or awful depending on the light.  Expect the light to hit Ivory just right. 

Not too bright.  Not to dim.  Just right.  The playbook will open up in the red zone.   Mismatches will be created.   Advantages will occur.   Defenses will sweat.   Greg Olson will smile. 

What has gotten lost in all of these injuries isn't that Luke Joeckel is returning to his natural Tackle Position.  It's that this team has looked its best when he's played there.  Don't believe me?  Go back and look at the first two pre-season games against the Jets and Bengals.  This team moved the ball down the field and scored on 5 of the 7 possessions the 1st team had with Joeckel at Tackle.  What's the mean now?  Maybe nothing.  But it did happen. The offense worked better with Luke at Tackle.  

If these three things happen the Jags will beat the Ravens.

Seth's Sure Fire Stats

1.  Chris Ivory has at least 12 carries

2.  The Defense has at least 3 sacks.    

3.   This team scores 21 points. 

This franchise and its fan base are going to be on a roller coaster all year.  This team will make you hate getting your hopes up.  They will give you eternal optimism.  The way you feel when a pretty girl smiles at you.  It will be frustrating one week.  It will be rewarding the next.   You will laugh.  You will cry.  You will overreact. You will under appreciate.   And you will end up enjoying it more than any season since 2007.  

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