The Jags lost in heart breaking fashion to the Baltimore Ravens. After a loss, most people look to point the finger and blame someone or something for the result. There are a variety of aspects one could blame for this loss. The run game struggled, Bortles made bad decisions, the protection was bad etc. However, that is not the case.

The Jags had a lot of positives during this game. The defense looked great for the majority of the game with interceptions from Paul Posluszny and Tashaun Gipson. The defensive line was able to rush the passer as Malik JacksonDante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue recorded sacks. The offense struggled, but Allen Robinson looked like his 2015 form with two touchdowns.

The coaching can’t be blamed for this loss. They managed the clock well, called some nice plays that weren’t executed properly and used their timeouts accordingly. The players didn’t take advantage of some great situations and made some costly mistakes. Sure Blake Bortles threw some picks, but one was a tipped ball and another was a deep pass late in the game. Any other quarterback would have made the same throw because it had to be done. The Jags needed the yards and it was crunch time. The game plan is not a fault here.

It’s easy to just blame the coaches or players. Sometimes you just lose; there is no single factor one can put all the blame on. The line didn’t protect great and the run game struggled, but that is the game of football. Not everything works according to plan or every team would have 200 yards rushing and 500 yards passing a game. Football is all about dealing with adversity and the Jags handled themselves quite well by moving the chains and converting on third down more often than not.  

I know this game was a heart breaker and most fans will only see it that way. It’s hard to take positives from any loss, especially when it leads to a 0-3 record. However, the Jags have positives to take from this game. They were able to create turnovers, get to the quarterback and played well on special teams. There was a little bad luck though. Jason Myers had a field goal get blocked and two of Bortles’ picks were not entirely his fault. It was a competitive game and unfortunately the Jags didn’t do enough to bring home the win.



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