The Great Escape

This team needs to get out of town. Out of the state. Out of the timezone. Out of the hemisphere. Okay not quite that far, but almost.

The city of Jacksonville and the city of London have never needed each other more.   Yes Shad Khad had a vision when he bought this team.  It wasn't just to make it a city brand or a regional brand.  It was to create a international brand.   This team needs to get out of town.  Out of the state.  Out of the timezone.  Out of the hemisphere.  Okay not quite that far, but almost. 

The last 3 weeks Jags fans have run the gambit when it comes to emotion.  From optimism to shock.  From anger to hope.   From hope to despair.    They need this team to leave the same way parents need their kids to stay with Grandma and Grandpa.   Not for good.   Oh no but for a week.  The players need to get away as well.   And not to another NFL city where they will be asked about expectations, hot seats and playoff chances.  They need to be in a city that asks them about their big clock (I know its Big Ben), two- tiered buses, tea, Prince William and David Beckham.   They need a deep breath.   And London should give them that.  

Gus Bradley has a chance to eliminate distractions.   After all this is his 4th go round.  He knows what to expect.  So does 70% of this roster.  But this also puts Shad Khan and David Caldwell front and center.  If this team lays another egg when it has every single advantage it becomes really tough to convince your fan base that you have their best interest in mind. 

And when you start to think about it what is the best case scenario now for Gus Bradley?   The hot seat now has a lava flow.   The Colts and the Bears may just be the two most winnable games away from Everbank.  Start asking your self is 1-3 good enough?  2-3?  3-5?  5-6?   Winning games may not be enough at this point.   Don't believe me?  If this team goes 6-4 in their next 10 games they will be 6-7.   Is that good enough?  

One thing is for certain with a win against the Colts those questions can be asked in and of Gus Bradley.  With a loss I'm not sure he is going to get the chance to find out the answers. 

London has served as a great springboard for the organization as it continues to climb up Forbes Most Valuable Franchise List.  The city that has been a catalyst for the Jags as a business could end up being a coffin for Gus Bradley. 

Oh and Brad careful.   A punter in England is slang for a Prostitute's Client.  Don't tell anyone you are a punter.   Tell them you are Brad Pitt.  


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