Colts vs Jaguars - 2 Minute Warning

The loser of this game is probably not only done in the division but they put themselves in position to pick in the first 30 minutes of the 2017 NFL draft.

"WE WANT 50"... "WE WANT 50" ... "WE WANT 50" ...  The chant that echoed thru Everbank last December on that 80 degree day still shakes the shell of every Colts player's helmet.   On that warm (80 degrees) Sunday in December Jaguars fans thought they had turned the corner with their 51-1y win over Indianapolis.    I mean the Colts were within reach of the division crown. 

And with 3 games to go if the Jags could win out then well...stranger things have happened.  Little did we know that that was the last time the Jags would win a regular season game.   Not only last season...but thru the month of September of this year as well. 

So fast forward to now.  Gus Bradley + Chuck Pagano = LAVA  and that may be putting it tamely.  Blake Bortles may no longer have that new car smell and Andrew Luck is a one man band.   How did we get it here?  Well both teams haven't exactly developed their high end talent via the draft.   Sure Allen Robinson and Jalen Ramsey are the future in Jacksonville and Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton are one of the top QB-WR duos in the NFL.  

But the Colts have been brutal at accessing talent in the draft.   Just one other pro bowler in the last decade.  It's punter Pat McAffee who they drafted in the 7th round back in 2007.   How on earth did this team turned into the Cleveland Browns when assessing talent?  

The loser of this game is probably not only done in the division but they put themselves in position to pick in the first 30 minutes of the 2017 NFL draft.   Both of these teams aren't very good.  Even the winner is going to have to fight like crazy to get to .500 by the end of December.   And that's in what has become the worst division in football, the AFC South. 

The match-up that is everything is Jalen Ramsey and TY Hilton.   If Ramsey can lock up Hilton like he has every other big receiver he has gone up against this season I have no idea how the Colts are going to score.   They can't run the ball.  Their offensive line is car without a windshield.    I wonder how this team is going to stop the Jags as well.  Chris Ivory is almost 100% and with the Offensive line close to full health this will be the 1st time since the pre-season game against the Bucs when the Jags were their healthiest. 

Add in the case that Gus Bradley's job is likely on the line; if the Jags can't find a way to win this one then how many W's do you see on that schedule?  3 maybe 4? 

Plus let's not forget that the Colts are making their 1st trek to London.  Players were struggling to adjust to the change as late as Friday evening.  Will that matter come kickoff?  We won't know that until after the game. 

The truth of the matter is this.

The Jags are somewhat used to playing in London now.  The Colts are not.  That has to count for something.  Right?  

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