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Point Break - Cresting Jags

The reality is that this break, although early, came at the perfect time for Gus Bradley and the Jags

Bye week - Two Words that players love and fans hate.  Especially right after a win.  No coach, No team, No fan base needed a win more than the Jacksonville Jaguars last week.  The reality is that this break, although early, came at the perfect time for Gus Bradley and the Jags.   We are at the quarter post and at 1-3 its time to look at what these next 10 days look like it in terms of realization and revelation. 

The first thing that takes place courtesy of this bye week is that Chris Ivory will be 100% when the Jags jog onto Soldier Field.  We saw against the Colts that TJ Yeldon is starting to hit his stride.   A healthy Ivory to go along with a productive Yeldon is a pick your poison dilemma that Greg Olson has been chomping at the bit to experiment with.  

Next up is the secondary.  Aaron Colvin's return from suspension means the Jags secondary is now its strongest its been since the 90s.  Ramsey and Amukamara (now healthy) at corner with Cyprien and Gipson and Safety to go along with Colvin floating around at nickel.   This team went from liability in the secondary to limitless.   Jalen Ramsey has been as good as advertised.  Imagine with healthy talented guys around him the next step he is about to take. 

Following in line are the Tight Ends.  Julius Thomas and Marcedes Lewis are both recovering from injuries as well.   When these two were both healthy look at how they stretched the field against the Packers.  The Ravens game Thomas was non existent.  When both are on the field teams simply can't cover both guys and double team Allen Robinson along with Allen Hurns.  Stretch the field, stretch the defense and create havoc for defensive coordinators. 

The Offensive line needs needs to replace Luke Joeckel.  Depth all of a sudden is a factor.  The line held up protecting Bortles against the Colts.   But two weeks and film unveil quite a few flaws.   Guys have stepped up all year in a pinch.  Can they now do it long term. Week after week.  For 3 straight months. 

And last they can catch their breath.  Good gracious it had gotten almost toxic in this city.   People cheering for this team to lose so coaches would get fired is absurd.  That's where we were.   At 1-3 and with 12 games left there is still tread on these tires.  How many laps are on those tires?  I'm not sure.  One this is for certain   Chicago's roads are pretty smooth here in October of 2016.  

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