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340 Hours - A Blake Bortles Story

The Bears aren't a very good team. In fact they are down right brutal. Other than Alshon Jeffery find me anyone on this team that will get more than a passing glance at the Pro Bowl?

It's a loaded question but it's a fun one.    What is the significance for the 340 hours?   Here is the skinny,  it's the amount of time between the Colts game in London and kickoff in Chicago for the Jags and Bears.  These 340 hours are going to tell us everything we need to know about the Jags signal caller.  He gets two weeks to prepare for a Bears defense that couldn't slow down a dog with a bowl of bacon.  

The Bears aren't a very good team.  In fact they are down right brutal.   Other than Alshon Jeffery find me anyone on this team that will get more than a passing glance at the Pro Bowl?  I know Brian Hoyer had the Jags number last season but the Texans were a playoff teams.  The only thing the Bears are playing for is the chance to pick the quarterback they like the most in April. 

Blake Bortles this is your stage.   Two weeks to get ready for this collection of a highlight reel waiting to happen.   Watching the Colts and the Bears last week was like watching greyhounds chasing a rabbit around the track.   We have talked about how bad the Colts have been when it comes to the draft.  Check out the Bears last 5 drafts.   It's like watching SHAQ shooting free throws.  

Blake Bortles should look like a surgeon performing open heart surgery this Sunday.   And not just any open heart surgery.   This has quintuple bypass written all over.   This should be poetry in motion. Like watching Picasso and Rockwell put together a masterpiece.    Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott and Brock Osweiler all have had success against the Bears this season.  That's two rookies and a guy that hasn't just reached double digits in career starts.   Oh and let's not forget Bortles has more weapons at his disposal than any of those three guys.  

Blake its go time.    You ever have that day where you can do no wrong?  You are in the zone?  You look good, you aren't tired, your boss says you are going great, you catch the pretty girl looking at you, you find $20 in your pocket.  That's the day that Blake Bortles should have on Sunday.   The day it all comes to together. 

Every great QB or potential great QB has the game early on in his career where everyone says to the person sitting next them.  "Wow, watch out.   {Insert team here} may have found their guy".  This needs to be that game.  

There aren't too many silver platters in this league.   The Browns served one up to Tom Brady last week and the Jags provided one to Phillip Rivers back in Week 2.    Blake should skip breakfast because this should be an all you can eat buffet.   I know I started off this article with a question so I'll ask you another one to end.   If not this week, when? 


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