Danny Parker

Jon Gruden's Jags Spotlight

Jon Gruden recently hosted his “Meet Me At The 50” event at EverBank Field. The former coach had nothing but great things to say about Gus Bradley and the Jags as a team. Obviously there was some pandering, but it’s hard to listen to Gruden and not believe every word he says. However, all these great things he had to say only put even greater pressure on Gus Bradley. “I really believe their time is coming soon – like this week.”

The former head coach also put a spotlight on the Jags next four games. If Gus goes less than 3-1 in the next four games, the Jags are in a predicament. We all know the pressure is on, but now it’s been multiplied when someone like Jon Gruden not only defends the Jags, but also assures their success. Most of us will hear what Gruden said about the Jags and have our hopes raised, don’t fall for it. He is a smart man, and knows what he is talking about in terms of talent and production. However, you can’t expect him to go to EverBank and take a crap on the Jags and their coaching staff, most of who have worked under Gruden.


This not a shot at Gruden, he is the best broadcaster in football next to Cris Colinsworth. Just take his words with a grain of salt. Don’t expect this team to finish 12-4, or even make the playoffs. The talent is there, and Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell have made tremendous strides in terms of depth and talent. Now all the youth needs to gel together and that only happens over time.


What happens if the Jags win the next 4 games? Does Gus keep his job? Does it prove Gruden was right? Expectations cannot

be raised because of Jon Gruden’s praise.

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