Jeremy Werner

Jaguars vs Bears - 2 Minute Warning

The Jags are averaging more than 1 INT per game (and that's against some of the NFL elite; Rodgers, Luck, Rivers & Flacco). Bears QB Bryan Hoyer has thrown 140 passes this season. Not a single INT.

It seems like its been an eternity since the last time we saw the Jags.  Since we witnessed the Jags build that big lead against the Colts in London and witness them hold on for dear life to pick up their 1st win of the 2016.    Now the Bears sit in wait.   Here's the thing.  Going into this game we should expect the Jags to win.  With the exception of Luke Joeckel this roster is healthy.  

When we are about to watch a fight, whether it be boxing or MMA there is always a tale of the tape.   Where we compare everything from height and weight to reach and record.   At this point can anyone point to single position group on the field where the Bears are better than the Jags?  There isn't a single match-up that will take place on the sod at Soldier Field in which the Jags are at a disadvantage.  

But let's face it.   The Jags are going to be better talent wise when it comes to the one on one position group comparisons about 70% of the time.   It's what you do with the talent.  There are cellphones that have better reception and download ability than the iPhone but we all know how that story ends. 

The one stat that stands out to me maybe the most is the fact that the Bears rank in the bottom 25% in +/- when it comes to turnovers.   The are a -3 and only the Giants and Chargers have fumbled the ball more.  Now that Jags aren't exactly Robin Hood when it comes to their ability to remove things from the football wealthy.  They are at -2 but they are in the top 5 in the League when it comes to INTs with 5. 

And there is your big "WATCH THIS" stat.  The Jags are averaging more than 1 INT per game (and that's against some of the NFL elite; Rodgers, Luck, Rivers & Flacco).   Bears QB Bryan Hoyer has thrown 140 passes this season.  Not a single INT.   As a wise man once said "Somethings gotta give."

The other thing that jumps off the page to me when it comes to the Bears is running back Jordan Howard.  The 5th round pick out of Indiana is on pace for a 1000 yard season as a rookie.  He is also coming on strong.  The last two weeks he is averaging 20 carries for 115 yards.  He is becoming what the Jaguars hoped TJ Yeldon and Chris Ivory would each become. 

Everyone wants to see this Jalen Ramsey vs Alshon Jeffrey match up  but as far as position battles watch out for Eddie Royal vs Prince Amukamara.   Royal is a little banged up.  We've seen Ramsey take parts of the field away.  We have also seen Amukamara do the the same when healthy.  Now that he is and Royal is not Hoyer's options could be even more limited.  

And from Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson to Allen Hurns and Julius Thomas this game is the game that we should expect the world out of Blake Bortles. 

He is going up a defense that is in the bottom 3rd of the league.  He is doing it coming off a bye.  He is doing it with two healthy running backs and an offensive line that blocked well together against the Colts.    Blake Borltes shoulders are going to be sore getting back on the place to Jacksonville, because the weight of the 2016 season is on his shoulders.  At least for this week. 

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