Somewhere They Haven't Benn

Lets face it, the Jaguars weren't good today. Blake Bortles had more turnovers (2) than touchdowns (1), the rushing attack barely scraped together 50 yards, and rookie Jalen Ramsey got burned numerous times by Probowl WR Alshon Jeffery (7/93yds). But here we are, basking in a 17-16 Jags win, and the Bears are sitting in the locker room wondering what just happened. It was a game that can be defined by two moments- 1. Bortles pass to Arrelious Benn for the go ahead touchdown as the clock ticke

Neither play makes sense in the course of a game that would lead you to believe the probability of one of them happening is highly unlikely, let alone both.  Well, check the stat sheet and watch the highlight reel because the bottom line is the Jags win in a team effort during the final few minutes.  That's a phrase which is uncommonly found coupled with the Teal & Black, after failing to close against the Packers in Week 1 and the Ravens in Week 3.  Maybe it finally clicked on both sides of the ball, maybe it was luck or God even, who knows but what we do know is the Jags are 2-3 on the season and heading home for a game against the Raiders.  That alone is a better position then they've been in the previous 3 years under Gus Bradley heading into Week 6 of the NFL. 

I must note the problems are far from fixed in Jacksonville; and in essence the Jags, Bortles, and Bradley have simply lived to play another day.  But winning in the Windy City, no matter the fashion in which it happened, means Everbank will be packed next Sunday and an optimistic fan base still exists in the 904.  We aren't talking NFL Draft, fire selling game tickets away, or completely bailing on a team who is struggling to stay afloat... yet.

I'm not going to get into stats this week or what needs to change moving forward, we have the next 7 days for that.  For now I want you to enjoy the moment, Jacksonville.  Tomorrow, we get back to work.  

King Jags of the Jungle:

  • Yannick Ngakoue notched yet another sack in his rookie campaign bringing his total this season to 4, and keeping his streak alive of at least one sack per game for the past month.
  • Jason Myers nailed his only FG attempt from 30 yards out to bring the Jags within one score late in the game.  He than hit the extra point (2/2) minutes later to take the lead and ultimately secure a victory for Jacksonville.
  • Arellious Benn had just the one catch for 51 yards & the TD, but his shear football IQ to stand up after being untouched on the way down and take the pigskin to the house is unmeasurable.

What to keep an eye on:

  • Jalen Ramsey's quotes:  The Master of Mouth is sure to fire some shots after sealing the deal in Chi Town.
  • Gus Bradley's handling of Jared Odrick:  Another unforgivable penalty on the talented DE in his first game back from injury.  At what point do his penalties, get addressed from his head coach.
  • Jacksonville Media: There's two ways to handle today's win; either focus on how bad the team was through 3.5 quarters or be optimistic at the fact that they found a way to beat Chicago.

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