The Bradley Bakery

Gus Bradley and the Jaguars are now 60 minutes from being 3-3. That's .500. The last time this team was .500 heading into Halloween weekend... 2010!

Full Disclosure - I thought Gus Bradley was in a lot of trouble heading to London three weeks ago.  I believe their was enough poison inside of Everbank following the Ravens loss that Shad Khan was center stage with a spotlight that was filtering the sun.  Even people in laid back Duval had decided enough was enough.  

It's amazing what 18 days can do.  

Gus Bradley and the Jaguars are now 60 minutes from being 3-3.  That's .500.  The last time this team was .500 heading into Halloween weekend... in 2010!   Is this a playoff team right now?  No.  Could it be a playoff team?   Maybe.  

The thing about this Jags team is they did something last weekend that they haven't done in a long time.  They didn't play very well.   And they won.  On the road.  For the second time in 17 games. 

People seem to forget that this defense has 6 new starters.   4 rookies!  Yes I count Dante Fowler Jr as a rookie.  Quite of few people forgot about the one thing that takes awhile to develop.  That's chemistry.  In this day and age of fantasy football  and Madden 2017 we seem to forget that there are actually human beings in those jerseys.  For crying out loud the 2010-11 Miami Heat with three Hall of Famers started out 21-15.   It takes time for things to gel.  

There is a long way to go but for goodness sake can we let this marinate?  The NFL season is like a Thanksgiving Turkey.    It takes some time.  You can glaze, stuff, clove and baste this thing all you want.  You need some time for it to bake. 

And with over HALF of the defense playing together for the first time everyone wanting to yank the cord on this are basically wanting to take the turkey out of the oven after an hour.   I'm not sure about you but I'll pass on the salmonella poisoning.  

Hindsight is not only 20/20 it's 20/10.   Let's face it, it's microscopic.   You can see the tip of needle with it.   This team is 60 minutes way from being 3-3 heading into a very winnable road game in Nashville.   How many people would've taken that?  If not, what did you think was realistic at this point?  I am talking about this year.  Not past seasons.  Not Gus and his overall record.  This year.  That's the only competent form of measuring.  

Even if Gus were 5-0 this year he would be 17 -36.   Instead he is 14 -39.   That's how you are measuring this?   If so a 12-4 record in 2016 would make Gus 24-40 in his time with the Jags.  You would call that failure.   Even after a playoff berth. 

Even 16-0 would've made him 28-36!  The only metric you can use is this season and this season alone. 

I am not sure if Gus Bradley will be the head coach of the Jags at the end of the year.  I do know this.  If this team is 3-3 by Sunday afternoon he has turned 2016 around.   We are an hour into cooking this Thanksgiving Turkey.  Let's judge Chef Bradley on what this thing tastes like after it's done cooking.  Not by what it looks like while in the oven. 

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