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Super Allen Bros

The Oakland Raiders have one of the worst secondaries in the league. They are near the bottom of the league in terms of passing yards allowed per game, and have made decent quarterbacks look like world-beaters. This is the chance for not only Blake Bortles to shine, but also the Allen brothers to make their mark as one of the league’s best receiving duos.

Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns both broke 1,000 yards receiving and double-digit touchdowns last season. They were among the league’s best receiving duos, but have not had the same impact so far this season. They are not getting shut down, but we haven’t seen either of them have the premiere games we saw so often last season. The Raiders secondary is their chance to take that next step this season and show the league how great they can be.

Both receivers were held to high standards going into the season. Allen Robinson is coming off a Pro-Bowl year and Hurns just got a big contract. The Jags have invested in their young receivers and now it’s time for them to play up to it. Both have made plays during the season and showed flashes of their 2015 forms, but it’s all about consistency. If the Allen’s can get the ball rolling against Oakland, it will be a great sign of things to come down the season.

Facing off against a bottom of the barrel secondary, this is the time for Allen Robinson to show off his ability to stretch the field and play jump ball. Hurns will still man the slot position and show what he can do in the open field. If the Allen’s can’t have a premiere game against the Raiders, they will be in for a long season. The Jags have some elite secondaries to face later down the road such as Kansas City, Denver and Minnesota. The Raiders need to be the stepping-stone for their breakout seasons.



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