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Name Five QBs Worse Than Blake Bortles

It sounds crazy to say out loud, but you'll find out quickly just how hard it is to name five NFL quarterbacks who are worse than Blake Bortles. I know, it just doesn’t seem right. Go through the list of starting NFL quarterbacks and find five you wouldn’t take over Bortles. The challenge is tremendous. Most of the ones you wouldn’t take over Bortles are obvious and will not even be starting next season.

-       AFC South

o   Jags – Blake Bortles

o   Titans – Marcus Mariota

o   Colts – Andrew Luck

o   Texans – Brock Osweiler

-       AFC North

o   Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger

o   Ravens – Joe Flacco

o   Bengals – Andy Dalton

o   Browns – Anyone at this point

-       AFC East

o   Patriots – Tom Brady

o   Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill

o   Bills – Tyrod Taylor

o   Jets – Ryan Fitzpatrick

-       AFC West

o   Broncos – Trevor Siemian

o   Chiefs – Alex Smith

o   Raiders – Derek Carr

o   Chargers – Philip Rivers

-       NFC South

o   Panthers – Cam Newton

o   Saints – Drew Brees

o   Falcons – Matt Ryan

-       NFC North

o   Packers – Aaron Rodgers

o   Vikings – Sam Bradford

o   Lions – Matthew Stafford

o   Bears – Brian Hoyer / Jay Cutler

-       NFC East

o   Cowboys – Dak Prescott / Tony Romo

o   Redskins – Kirk Cousins

o   Eagles – Carson Wentz

o   Giants – Eli Manning

-       NFC West

o   Rams – Case Keenum

o   Cardinals – Carson Palmer

o   Seahawks – Russell Wilson

o   49ers – Colin Kaepernick

The qbs I would not take over Bortles are the Browns situation, Cutler/Hoyer, Case Keenum, Trevor Seimian, Colin Kaepernick, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. None of them will even be starting for their teams next season. This is bad news for the Jags. That’s six and that’s being nice. Most of those qbs have a better record than Bortles.  Eventually the blame has to fall on him, and it’s time for Jags fans to seriously question their “franchise qb. 

I'll leave you with this. Do franchise quarterbacks resort to gimmicks? Do they only play well in the "two minute drill?" The answer is no. A franchise quarterback makes any team they are on better, and they win games. Bortles doesn't do any of those. All we have seen from Bortles this season is him going to the bathroom in his pants every Sunday.


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