Jaguars: Inside The Locker Room

The Jacksonville Jaguars weren't in much of a mood to talk about the tough loss they suffered at the hands of the New England Patriots on Sunday. New England used a stifling defense to slow down and contain the mobile Jags quarterback David Garrard. Garrard, defensive lineman Paul Spicer and others talked about the tough loss.

Quarterback, David Garrard

(on your confidence the last two weeks)
“I felt great coming into the game. Even when with last weeks game, I felt like I put it behind me and I felt like I was ready to move on. For the most part, I played pretty decent, but to have the last drive come out the way it did, it hurts. But you have to move on.”

(on trying too hard)
“When you are trying to make plays, it can look like that. But if I do something big, it’s a good play. If it’s the flip side, I’m trying too hard. There can be times that every player in the league tries too hard. I just have to do a better job of not having the turnovers.”

(did you think your arm was going forward?)
“Yeah, because I saw the guys out there and I just wanted to drop it off. Then when the guy hit me it did feel like my arm was going forward, but when he hit me it made me lose control of it, so it was kind of in between.”

(on knowing as a QB when to get rid of the ball)
“You have to know when enough is enough, when the play is over, and that play was definitely over. You need to have two hands on the ball if you are scrambling through the pocket, but I was attempting a pass. That’s why there was only one hand on the ball.”

(on proving yourself as a starter)
“That’s tough because I want to win, and when I don’t win, I don’t feel like I am doing a good job. I am making the plays out there and I am doing the things that will help the team move forward, but it’s not up to me. All I can do is show up for work and prepare for the next team.”

(what can make this team play at a higher level?)
“I think just being together as a team for more than what we have. If you look at the good teams around the league most of the time it’s guys that have been playing a number of years together. You don’t want to wait a number of years to be an elite offense or team, but that goes with it. It will definitely help you out. It’s like the Colts and Patriots; guys that have been there a number of years.”

(on watching Tom Brady play)
“He did a great job of coming down to a lot of the underneath things. He worked what the defense gave them. We weren’t going to give them anything deep today and he did a great job of coming down to his backs and tight ends, which is why he should have been in the Pro Bowl. That’s why he’s a Pro Bowl player.”

(on not having Fred Taylor)
“You are always going to miss someone like Fred. I think Maurice (Jones-Drew) did a good job. Their run defense is a good one, but I feel like Maurice did a good job.”


Defensive End, Paul Spicer

(on the Jaguars still being mathematically in the playoff hunt)
“We’ve got to get up, come back into work, refine our skills for one last week and go out to Kansas City and play as if that’s it. We’re going to lay it all on the line, there’s nothing promised you’ve got to go get it.”

(on the Jaguars having to rely now on other teams in order to make the playoffs)
“It’s one of those things we put ourselves in, there really isn’t any explanation to give you a right answer or wrong answer its where we put ourselves, this is where we put ourselves, now we have to rely on other teams to this and that hopefully it just plays in our favor. First and foremost, we’ve got to take care of Kansas City.”

(on how deflating it was to see the ball come out with 1:55 left)
“It’s rough after watching the turnovers last week, playing a good solid game this week and to loose the way we did, the defense we and had to get the ball back, stopped them, we gave the offense a chance. They had great field position for the game to go they way it did. For a defensive it’s a sickening feeling when you have to go out there and watch their quarterback move the ball down, I would like to say some choice words but we are on television.”

Defensive Lineman, John Henderson

(on the pressure of knowing they have a must win against Kansas City)
“We’ll have to see what happens we won’t know until tomorrow, and then we’ll see where it goes from there.”

(on the defense being on the field a long time)
“They were just short passing us and nickel and dime us, they did what they did and we came out and did what we were supposed to do.”

Cornerback, Rashean Mathis

(on how this loss hurts the Jaguars playoff chances)
“It’s tough. Any loss is tough, we controlled our own destiny and then being as good a team that we are we might not get a chance to experience the playoffs this year.”

(on much the defense blitzed)
“How much? I couldn’t tell you that I don’t know some games we blitz more, I know we blitzed more in some games then we blitzed tonight. I’m sure we tonight we blitzed more then we have in some other games, so it’s a toss up. I really cant tell you how much we blitzed.”

(on losing Deon Grant to injury)
“ He’s a leader on this team, we already had enough leaders down on defense, so once he went down it was just the way the season has gone for us.”

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