Q & A: Quinn Gray Airs It Out

Quinn Gray is third on the Jaguars depth chart at quarterback. What is he seeing at that Jaguars position of controversy.

Q-Many of us at JagNation were excited to see you come into the game in Kansas City. What did it feel like not only running in one TD against KC, but two?

A-Well running in two touchdowns against the Chiefs felt great especially being that they were the first ones of my career.. the only bad thing was it wasn't enough to pull off the win.

Q-What is your favorite moment as a Jaguar so far?

A-My favorite moment of my career with the Jaguars would have to be being a part of the team when we made the playoffs two seasons ago. It was a great feeling to be there and we're kinda anxious and excited to get back.

Q-Is there something your fans would be surprised to know? Some little known fact about you?

A-No, not really. There isn't really anything surprising to know about me. I'm not like Big John, who likes to think he's a interior designer. I just like to relax and chill by myself alot of the time and that's about it.

Q-Do you pay any attention to the media semi-hype that's been bestowed upon you? Ex. Pat Kirwin and Tim Ryan (Sirius NFL radio) talking about how you could be the next very good young QB.

A-I don't really pay attention to the media tabloids that much because alot of times there is nothing positive they have to say. But I do appreciate the comments that they made because I had no idea that they were even mentioning me in that light.

Q-Have you had an opportunity to talk with the new offensive coordinator, Dirk Koetter, to see what type of offensive scheme he plans on installing in Jacksonville?

A-I have spoken with Dirk but it was in a meet and greet situation, so I haven't had the opportunity to speak with him on any football-related issues. They were actually headed out to the combine that week, so they were a little busy.

Q-What is the feeling in the locker room about the entire quarterback situation? It's been spun in the media that the team is unified regardless of who the guy under center is, but is that really the case?

A-Well in the locker room the guys have confidence in all three of the qb's on the team and feel that anyone of us could get the job done. This is one of the most tight knit teams ive ever been around and this team has encountered many obstacles that might tear a locker room up. But we've stuck together no matter what because we are a family and thats what Coach Del Rio preaches that we do.

Q-At what point were you told that you and David Garrard would be given an opportunity to compete for the starting job, and who was it that conveyed this point?

A-Well on the subject of David and I getting the opportunity to become the starter, we all would love the opportunity but at this point in the game i can't comment on that situation.

Q-Prior years have shown the backup to Leftwich gets playing time either due to injury or performance. If nothing else you could explore UFA in 2008. This is Byron's last year under contract and if Garrard is traded, you'd be automatically in the backup role. Why not let the Jaguars make you a millionaire with a first or second round tender, then compete for the starting gig next season, or trust that you'll win the backup role and be one play away from starting?

A-Well i would love the opportunity to stay here in Jacksonville and become the teams QB but under certain circumstances I'm not sure that's going to happen. The only thing that i do know.. is I will be on a second round tender this year and have an opportunity to seek other offers. I don't want to leave Jacksonville but if it's an opportunity to go compete for a starting role then i cant pass up that opportunity at this point of my career.

Thanks Quinn for your time, and we hope to see you in a Jaguars uniform this year and years to come.

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