JagNation Q&A: Donovin Darius

Donovin Darius sits down with JagNation's Robb Chamberlain and answers the questions we'd all love answers to.

What was your first impression of Jacksonville and the team?

The team was new when I came and I had only been to Jacksonville once and that was in college when we played Clemson. Upon being drafted I was excited because I was living a dream. Coming from up north, Jacksonville was slower in comparison but that was great for me and my family.

How has that impression changed since your time here?

This is considered home for me and my family. I have adapted to the community and have met some very good friends. With anything comes change and I see a big difference in the fan base, community, and the economic growth of the city. I feel it's a great town to call home.

How would you convince a free agent to come to Jacksonville?

First I would explain our family atmosphere that we have as players in our pursuit of winning. Secondly, I would tell them about the benefit of playing in the state of Florida....NO INCOME TAX!! :-)

What are some things that you do before the game to get your mind set?

Before I leave my room on game day I like to relax and listen to classical music. I have a certain time I like to get to the stadium by on game day to go through my usual pregame warm-up routine. After I'm warmed up I put my uniform on, get my last bit of wisdom from the best playbook in the world....the BIBLE. And lastly I like to lead or unite with my teammates in a word of prayer. After that GAME TIME!!

What is your best football memory so far?

Combination between rookie year scoring on an 83 yard fumble recovery or the feeling I felt during and after the playoff game in 99 when we beat the Miami Dolphins by a whole lot.

Do you prefer to make an interception, or lay a crushing hit that causes a fumble?

Really I don't have a preference. One of my goals has always to train and play as a total package whether that's laying a big hit or picking off a pass. To me they are both great because in most cases, we get the ball. And that's what it's about on defense.. getting the ball back to the offense.

Speaking of hits, tell us your thoughts on the Robert Ferguson hit?

That was a football play where we play a violent game and things happen at incredible speeds. I thank God that he's okay and it's in the past.

What player to you have the most respect for? and why?

Jerome Bettis. I like the story of his challenge through adversity ad how he overcame to become one of the best RB in history. In my opinion you take a guy that no one gives him a chance and they claim he'll never amount to anything or an average player at best and he became an All star. I feel he sacrificed so much for his team and he led them by example year in and out and in the end he was rewarded by having a storybook ending.

Most of us try to understand that there is a business side to football. Were you nervous about public perception when you were lobbying for a trade out of Jacksonville?

No. That was not my main concern. As an executive committee member of the NFLPA I understood my rights as well as the teams. I understood that our window of opportunity as players is so small and we have to have career management skills. Let's say in the end it worked out Perfectly and I thank God that I was able to stay home and have the chance to retire as a Jaguar.

What non-football activities do you enjoy (we know you're a stellar bowler)?

I like bowling of course, golf, fishing, ping pong, and chess to name a few.

If you had to pick a profession other than football, what would you like to do? Track and field. I was a hurdler in high school and college.

Who has most impressed you from this years rookie class?

All of them have given great effort in attempt to make this team and that's all they could do up to this point.

Have you heard about TealNight vs. Pittsburgh? What do you think?

I think it's a great concept. I hope the fans get behind it. You should get one of the major printing companies to get behind you along with the Jaguars marketing department. We need the identity and that's a great way. You see what Miami Heat did with their white at home. It was like a white mob of fans. As a player that shows fan commitment and participation

What is the most important thing you'd like to share with your fans?

Experiencing life to the fullest is about knowing your purpose. We often take years wondering and searching looking for all the right answers in all the wrong places and things. There is nothing in this world that could ever satisfy you completely. Every invention has a manual which tell you how to operate and it's intended use. The same is true with our life. There was a time when I was lost and searching for that thing or person that could fill the emptiness and believe it when I tell you, money didn't do and neither did things. It was only when I read the manual of life (BIBLE- Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) written by our creator and inventor (GOD) that I found total satisfaction and peace. I would like to let all the fans know that peace comes from having a personal relationship and receiving as their savior, Jesus Christ, God's Son, the Messiah. Because only with Him can anything or anyone fulfill it's or their purpose.

Thank you Donovin, and have a great season. We're all glad to have you back.

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