JagNation Chat With Adam Caplan-Transcript 1

Read the JagNation chat transcript with Adam Caplan, senior NFL reporter for scout.com, partner in footballinjuries.com and host on Sirius NFL Radio.

nsbjag> Adam Caplan has been a source for many free agent signing stories for the Scout.com network. Caplan's years of NFL insider experience allow him to dig up scoops many other media outlets can only wish for. While he tracks the NFL players year-round, he also attends the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine, among other league functions, and has numerous contacts in the league

nsbjag> It is a great honor to have Mr. Caplan in with us today
adamcaplan> I couldn't have written that better myself.
nsbjag> Right off the top of my head
nsbjag> Does anyone have any well-thought out questions?
JagAlfie> I've got one, but I don't know if it's well thought out.
nsbjag> There are no stupid questions...

adamcaplan> I see Jags looking at on the first day: FS, DE, WR (yes, don't be surprised with speed).

JagAlfie> How difficult do you think the transition from college to pro is going to be for Dirk Koetter, and what kind of effect will he have on the offense?
adamcaplan>NFL people I have talked to about him are expecting a deep passing game, multiple WR sets. Northcutt is very important to what they want to do, while he's been an underachiever he's found an offense that will get him in the right scheme.

tannerfox> We really enjoy your injury reports Mr. Kaplan. I seem to remember Fox having a weekly fantasy show on TV. As I remember it was canceled? Are there any plans to have a show devoted to fantasy league this year.
adamcaplan>I don't follow the fantasy industry like I used to but there aren't any fantasy TV shows that I know of. I do miss the one I did with Ron Jaworski though which was on DTV and nfl.com years back

ejs0614> Hi Adam - with the injury bug we got bit with last season - how well do you see those players returning to form? (Peterson, Hayward, Stroud, Darius, etc...)
adamcaplan>Hayward is the one that concerns me. Achilles injuries, in some sense, are worse than ACLs. Getting explosion is issue, that usually takes two years to get back.

FatBoyTim> What is the general opinion of Byron Leftwich outside of Jacksonville?
adamcaplan>Great guy but you can only go so far with him because of his elongated release, he takes way too long to throw it and he can't shorten it up. He won't be their starter in 2008 and beyond, that's pretty much a lock. As for this season, who knows, what you see is what you get.

Jaggator1> Would it surprise you if the Jags selected a qb on the first day?
adamcaplan>Not at all

nsbjag> What do they do in 2008 then?
adamcaplan> They will get their starter of the future in the 2007 or 2008 drafts. Del Rio knows he has no choice there, same with Shack Harris. Leftwich won't get any better because of the way he throws the ball.

nsbjag> Would it make sense to basically start all over with an already solid roster?
adamcaplan> The good thing is they are good at OL, RB, defense. They could get a veteran for 1-2 years, until the young QB is ready. If you don't believe me, ask anyone who has played against the Jaguars. It's evident on film.

nsbjag> A stopgap type, almost like David Carr could've been?
adamcaplan>Someone of that type who can get rid of the football.

tannerfox> of the QB's who might be available for us, who would you suggest?
adamcaplan>Trent Edwards is this year's version of Kellen Clemens, he should be there in the second for them at #48

nsbjag> So you like Edwards over Kolb?
adamcaplan>I like Kolb but he's not a good value there, teams have him as a third round pick. He really impressed me in person at the senior bowl, but scouts think he's more of a project

JagAlfie> How does Byron Leftwich's release effect his ceiling? What specifically does it cause?
adamcaplan> His throws are erratic, not very consistent. Now if you want to blame the WRs for some of it, fine, none of them are good route runners. Williams showed something last year at least, there were times when you might have thought he was getting it but then he would fade again. MJones doesn't know how to play WR yet and needs to get stronger physically and Wilford regressed badly last year, I still have to idea why. I thought he was really coming on two years ago

ejs0614> anything redeeming in your opinion of our WR's?
adamcaplan> Upside is what you see with all three but that's the problem, not refined either.

nsbjag> The Jaguars passing game as a whole regressed as soon as Garrard was inserted at QB

FatBoyTim> You don't think Reggie's fade could have been the result of David Garrard appearing?
adamcaplan> There are a lot of factors there, consistency from game to game, QBs, you name it.

pigskinpimp23> There has been some criticism of the Northcutt signing....Your thoughts on his impact?
adamcaplan> As for Northcutt, I'll say this, back in 2002, he really stretched the field more with Bruce Arians. I really thing this signing, under Koetter, will surprise people

JagAlfie> Do you see any chance of someone like Jamaal Anderson falling into the lap of the Jaguars at pick No. 17?
adamcaplan> Area for him is 10-20... so yes, possible

JagAlfie> How do you think Ted Ginn's workout impacted his draft status? I've seen some scouts say it hurt him, and some that they were impressed.
adamcaplan> He ran slightly slowed than some wanted but it's not like running in the mid 4.4's is bad. What teams are worried with is he had a mid-foot sprain which still isn't 100% after 3 months, that's an issue.

JagAlfie> There have been some reports and rumors floating around about the Jaguars being interested in trading for Darrell Jackson. Is there any truth to this and how would he help the Jaguars?
adamcaplan> Problem is there teams know Jackson's injury history, he could have an arthritic knee, not totally sure about that but it's been an issue.

FatBoyTim> Back to Byron's mechanics, there was a marked improvement in his delivery motion from his rookie season to year two, and again with his footwork from year 2 to 3. What makes you think that with proper coaching, he couldn't improve his delivery?
adamcaplan> He can't throw any different, mechanics are something you can improve but throwing motion and delivery are the issues. Footwork you can always improve.

tannerfox> Who said our young WR's were not going to get better?
adamcaplan> As for the WRs, especially in Williams case, he could really be good if he was dedicated enough. I mean, look at some of the games he had last year, there were times he was almost unstoppable. But this was the issue with him coming out of U of W, dedication and maturity, it's up to him now.

ejs0614> What do you think about last year's 1st - Lewis (TE)? Injured early, but thoughts on this year?
adamcaplan> The high ankle sprain never got to 100% but with Wrighster's improvement, they will have a good 1-2 punch there. Lewis needs to get stronger and he will be fine. Very athletic

nsbjag> In your opinion, would it be worth taking a chance giving up a second day pick (assuming Seattle would accept) for D-Jack?
adamcaplan> I'd do it for a 4th, less risk there

tannerfox> Is Michael Griffin over rated or under rated? What is your take on his potential?
adamcaplan> Second round pick, teams seem to be really mixed on him. He could go higher but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder there

JagAlfie> Do you think Maurice Drew is better utilized getting about 20 touches (rushing/receiving) total in a game, or could he be an effective franchise back?
adamcaplan> He can't be the main RB, they used him exactly the way I was told it would go after he got the offense down. He's too small.
JagAlfie> He's just short!
adamcaplan> Him and whoever replaces Taylor (could come in this draft) will form a great tandem.
ejs0614> he was lightning in a sm. bottle for us
adamcaplan> And MJD will get even better if that's possible

pigskinpimp23> You mentioned a good OL Pohash seems to have a Tony Boselli type of attitude how good does he make an already good OL
adamcaplan> Pashos is a grinder, tough guy OL, self made guy, nice story. But is he a big improvement over Mo Williams? Not sure there.

tannerfox> Your take on Brian Leonard?
adamcaplan> Move to FB, where he can play in a lot of systems. West Coast Offense probably.

JagAlfie> Why is a guy like Jason Hill sticking around the 2nd or 3rd round?
adamcaplan> Third

JagAlfie> Why is Hill not on the same level as someone like Robert Meachem or Dwayne Bowe?
adamcaplan> Jag: Bowe is physically better and on tape as well, Meachem is more polished, both could go late first

nsbjag> Can Sabby Piscitelli be a starter in the NFL right away?
adamcaplan> He has the ability but I'd let him backup for a year. Great combine workout.
nsbjag> Second or third round guy?
adamcaplan> Moved to the second from what I've been hearing

Jaggator1> Is there a Marques Colston type prospect that we should keep an eye on?
adamcaplan> I seem to get that question in every chat. Jacoby Jones, but he won't go that low. Colston was a comp pick for the Saints so he was essentially an 8th round pick last year

ejs0614> you mention Taylor's replacement could come this year...possible options?
adamcaplan> Ask me in the next chat, I can just tell you that a RB is on their radar.

pigskinpimp23> Any word on Greg Jones and how he's healing??? Will he be a third down or Goal Line factor...Or a factor at all this season
adamcaplan> Had Jones not gotten hurt he might have been. Too bad too. I remember talking to him about his first injury a few years ago

tannerfox> After Landry? who would you say is the most promising Safety?
adamcaplan> Nelson. Merriweather if he checks out ok

nsbjag> Thank you everyone for your questions.
RobbC> by the way... new time next week 10pm est
adamcaplan> Good chat guys, we're here next week
Jaggator1> Thanks for stopping by Adam!
tannerfox> Thanks for being here for us. You are appreciated.
pigskinpimp23> Thanks for the insight and your time!!!!
JagBooop> thank you
adamcaplan> Thank your hosts, we're glad to have them with scout.com

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