JagNation Breaks Down the Schedule

At first glance, the Jaguars schedule looks pretty good. We break down the schedule, month by month, and shed some light on what the Jaguars have in store for them.

Weeks one and two- home against Tennessee and Atlanta, week three @ Denver, bye week to finish out the month.

I hate to make game predictions nearly five months prior to the game, but I have to think that week one is going to be a blowout victory for the Jaguars. The Titans have had arguably the worst off-season of any team in the league, losing their best player (Pacman), their best receiver (Bennett), and their best running back (T. Henry).

The Jaguars are somewhat blessed early, as that they get the same kind of mobile quarterback two weeks in a row. Unfortunately, Atlanta usually doesn't figure out that they're not any good until week six or seven. With two 1 p.m. starts to open the season, the Jaguars heat and humidity advantage should take effect.

It's never easy when you travel to Denver. The Broncos have a home record of 29-11 over the last five years, including a record of 9-0 over their last nine home games in September. The Jaguars are fortunate that they get to avoid the snow, and still face a young quarterback in Jay Cutler that will have only started seven career games when the two teams meet.

Week five @ K.C.; weeks six and seven at home against Houston and Indy; week eight at Tampa Bay.

The Kansas City game shouldn't be a walk in the park, but none of them are in the NFL, especially on the road. The Jaguars will be coming off a bye week, and they are 1-3 after a bye in the new era. They once again avoid snow (most likely), and they will be facing what was a career backup quarterback in Damon Huard, or a very young quarterback in Brodie Croyle.

Revenge game, again. We all know what the Texans have done to the Jaguars, historically, and recently. This will be the first meeting between the two teams where David Carr isn't on the roster. Carr has a 6-3 record against Jacksonville with that awful roster. Schaub is supposed to be a better quarterback, but the Jaguars will take their chances.

The ultimate showdown, the champions against the challengers on a national stage. The Colts have owned the AFC South, and the Jaguars will be the red-headed step-child until they get over the hump. If this is the year they want the respect, they have to win this one on national TV.

You never know what you're going to get when you visit Tampa Bay. The Bucs are amongst the most up and down teams in the league, from week to week, year to year. There will be plenty of Jaguars fans in attendance due to the close proximity, so the Jaguars will have some teal in attendance.

Weeks nine and ten, at New Orleans and at Tennessee; weeks 11 and 12 at home against San Diego and Buffalo.

As of last year, New Orleans has become a tough place to play. They now have star power with Brees and Bush, but their defense doesn't seem to be improved much. This is a very difficult game for any road team to win.

The finale of a three-game road trip, the only three-game road trip of anyone in the NFL. The Jaguars are 6-0 in their previous two, three-game trips, so history is on their side, for whatever that's worth (nothing in my opinion). The Jaguars should win this football game, as long as they don't have David Garrard starting at quarterback for them.

Playing San Diego anywhere is a tough draw. The Chargers may not be as good as last year, due to the wholesale coaching changes, but they still have the best player in the game, as well as a great young quarterback and defense.

Buffalo in week 12 has trap game written all over it. Although J.P. Losman has been getting better, the Bills are likely to have a bad record at this point in the season. This game is sandwiched between San Diego and Indianapolis, so the Jaguars could get tripped up if they're not completely focused.

Week 13 @ Indy, week 14 is home against Carolina; week 15 @ Pittsburgh, then week 16 back home against Oakland; they close the regular season @ Houston.

The Jaguars travel to the RCA Dome to face the world champs. This game could be moved to primetime with the new flex schedule, and it could go a long way in deciding the AFC South. The Jaguars haven't won in Indianapolis since 2004, which was their only victory in Indy.

Carolina is another Jekyll/Hyde type of team, in which they have a ton of talent, but tend to underachieve (at least they did in '06). This is somewhat of a rivalry game because the teams came in together back in '95, even though the teams have only met three times (Jaguars 2-1).

A trip to Pittsburgh in December will prepare any team for a playoff game. The Jaguars have won two straight against the Steelers, and winning a third will not be easy. Weather will likely be a factor, and the more physical team should win. That may bode well for the Jaguars.

The Jaguars play their final regular season home game against the Oakland Raiders, two days before Christmas. That is the equivalent of "ticket scalpers day off". Oakland will likely be a bad team, and the Jaguars have to send their loyal fans home with a Christmas victory.

The regular season finale against the proverbial thorns in the Jaguars side, the Houston Texans. The Texans may be improved over last season, but this will probably be a game that the Jaguars will be favored in. It is likely that this game will have playoff implications, so the Jaguars must celebrate New Years a couple days early in Texas.

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