JagNation Chat With Adam Caplan-Transcript 2

Read the JagNation chat transcript with Adam Caplan, senior NFL reporter for scout.com, partner in footballinjuries.com and host on Sirius NFL Radio. 4/19/2007

adamcaplan has entered the room

nsbjag> Welcome Adam Caplan
nsbjag> Who has a question?

pigskinpimp23> Adam : Special Teams under Decamillis.. How big of an improvement will we see this year w/ his style?
adamcaplan> Joe D is a very well respected coach and coverage should be better... that's his strong point.

JAGGATOR1> Adam...what are some players that teams just ahead of the Jags may be targeting?
adamcaplan> What teams specifically are you interested in, I need a less general question if you can.
JAGGATOR1> Green Bay and Pitt...
adamcaplan> GB, they want a RB or SS. They want to replace Manuel
JAGGATOR1> So if its down to Lynch or Nelson. who do they take?
adamcaplan> They would take Lynch there, who may slide to them. Nelson is a FS in most schemes, too small to play in the box.

tannerfox> is there any truth to the rumor that was passed about a while ago that Randy Moss has some kind of degenerative hip disease?
adamcaplan> His body has been beat up over the years and he's on the back nine of his career. No one wants him, and he makes $20 mill over the next two seasons.

nsbjag> Piggybacking off that, what round do you think Yamon Figurs goes?
adamcaplan> As third probably, because of his return ability.

nsbjag> I've seen some mocks with Nelson going #28, and some with him going #14, does he last until pick #17?
adamcaplan> He could be going to Carolina at #14 with Minter done after 2007.

pigskinpimp23> Adam: Besides WR...The Jags more pressing need in your opinion, 1st round, DE or Safety?
adamcaplan> Sensabaugh is a decent stop gap but Darius' injuries are worrisome so safety in general is an issue. However, DE is even more of a need because of the recovery of Hayward. As we discussed before, torn Achilles is a bad injury to come back from.

tannerfox> If both are there at 17, who would you take Jaamal or Nelson ?
adamcaplan> They would take Anderson almost certainly. You always take the better pass rusher over a safety unless the safety is a great player.
JAGGATOR1> The Jags DC, Mike Smith compared Nelson to Ed Reed.
adamcaplan> He's talking him up, he's not even close to Reed in ball skills. Reed is unreal with the ball in the air.

RobbC> email from Alan: "Given the choice between Kevin Kolb, Troy Smith, or Johnnie Lee Higgins on the 2nd day, who should the Jags take?"
adamcaplan> Smith won't help them, no need to reach, Kolb makes sense in round three, he won't make it past there probably. Higgins in rounds 4-5

tannerfox> Do you think Drew Stanton will be taken higher than some think
adamcaplan> Probably will go in the third but I like Kolb better and most do. Stanton isn't accurate enough.

nsbjag> Where does Quincy Black get snatched up?
adamcaplan> 3rd-4th area maybe, he's a tough call.

nsbjag> Non-Jaguars question: Do you think Vince Young is that good? Pro-Bowler?
adamcaplan> No, in fact, he didn't play that well last year, his numbers showed that but because their record was 8-5 with him he got too much buzz. We'll see how hard he works to get better.

JHarvell> Do you think Sensabaugh is just a stop gap player? Will we be looking for more than one Safety this offseason?
adamcaplan> He's a nice story but he has a lot of improvement to do.

pigskinpimp23> Last week Adam you were talking about Byron...Do you really think Jags take a QB in the draft w/ a legitimate shot for 08?
adamcaplan> Decent chance, at least a developmental guy. Also, outside shot Garrard gets dealt during the draft. They really like Quin Gray and Garrard didn't play well last year, got exposed the more he played and he's signed through 2008
nsbjag> He's a five-year vet that makes rookie mistakes

nsbjag> Do the Jaguars take a punter in one of the late rounds- Podlesh or Sepulveda?
adamcaplan> Hanson is ok

JHarvell> Do you think the Jags will deal Maurice Williams on draft day and if so what do you think we can get for him?
adamcaplan> They may, he lost his starting job and is getting moved so they need to do something. Second day conditional pick based on PT.
nsbjag> $3.5 million cap hit for Williams
tannerfox> cheap for a experienced tackle
adamcaplan> There are ways around that, he's due 3.5 in base salary this season. They get that back if he's cut minus the rest of his signing bonus

nsbjag> Do you think the Colts take a step back this year?
adamcaplan> I don't see it.
JAGGATOR1> even with their defensive loses?
nsbjag> I think their losses are minor
tannerfox> Marlon Jackson is just one of their young DB backs
adamcaplan> They never cared about the LB position so it's not a big deal there and losing David isn't that big of a deal, they have three first day picks that will move in this season.

pigskinpimp23> We've heard alot about our LB core Peterson will be back, how is it viewed by the rest of the NFL, and will Peterson be kept at the MLB?
adamcaplan> It's very solid. The defense is good but not great. And that passing game is going to keep hurting them if they don't get some real speed.
nsbjag> They were solid last year, but didn't force many turnovers
adamcaplan> That's not a defense that scares teams

nsbjag> You wouldn't be talking about Matt   Jones, would you?
adamcaplan> All of them, take your pick
adamcaplan> Jones needs to hit the weights and learn the position
nsbjag> Matt Jones wouldn't stray from the sidelines if they were on fire
adamcaplan> If you're questioning his toughness, you wouldn't be the first to.
tannerfox> He will get better. Drew Bennet was a conversion player too
adamcaplan> Bennett has natural receiving skills plus he did play WR in college.
nsbjag> He had some unrealistic expectations placed on him being a #1 pick, IMO
adamcaplan> Totally agree with that. I tried to make people aware of that on draft day
nsbjag> Workout wonder
JAGGATOR1> Would he have lasted to the 2ns round?
adamcaplan> Possibly. I'll say this, he ran by every CB during senior Bowl practices but they didn't try to get a hand on him either.
tannerfox> I have always heard the legs are the weak spot with conversion qb's to wr for the first couple of years? Any truth to that saying?
adamcaplan> Body in general and knowledge of the position.

JHarvell> What do you think it would take to put our defense into the great category?
adamcaplan> Playmakers in the secondary, better pass rush
adamcaplan> they are physical but the secdondary, other than Mathis, isn't very good.
adamcaplan> Williams didn't play as well as they thought he might after what they paid him.
tannerfox> without steady pressure on the opposing qb it is tough to make plays in the secondary
adamcaplan> Yep

nsbjag> Does Revis make it past the Steelers at #15?
adamcaplan> He should

nsbjag> Is too much being made of the "pot" revelations from earlier today?
adamcaplan> the one that could be a problem is Gaines Adams

JHarvell> Do you see Marcedes Lewis living up to his first round pick this year?
adamcaplan> Because he was hurt last year, Wrighster blossomed so we'll have to see. They never expected that so they should have two good TEs

nsbjag> One more for the road, are the Texans better with Matt Schaub, rather than David Carr?
adamcaplan> Much better if they block for him
adamcaplan> BTW we have some stuff on them for subcribers coming tonight or tomorrow

tannerfox> Do the brownies take brady quin with their pick? Or, do they move down and try to fill a number of their holes?
adamcaplan> Ask me in next week's chat, I'll have an idea on most teams then
nsbjag> Sounds good, thanks for stopping by Adam, and we're certainly looking forward to next week
adamcaplan> Draft week is when we usually put a lot of scoops out, especially the Jags
adamcaplan> we had some good stuff last year, we had them drafting MJD

nsbjag> That turned out okay

adamcaplan> BTW, I'll be on Sirius tomorrow night, channel 124-8-11 pm est
adamcaplan> Dwayne Jarrett will be on
nsbjag> Perhaps I'll call in, thank you again
RobbC> thanks adam
adamcaplan> later

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