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(is this a deeper draft for the first three rounds than in the past few years?)
"I would say defensively this is a good year. There are certain positions on offense that are as well. I think from year to year, the talent pool changes. Some years, when (teams) have a need there is a position of depth, and in other years, it's not that way. So in that respect we are fortunate that we can get value and fit a need. So I feel good going into the draft."

(comment on certain players that the media has slotted around the 17th pick. Talk about Ohio State's WR Ted Ginn.)
"I think that he's a guy, had he not gotten hurt, he would be one of the elite players in the draft that people would be talking about. I'm surprised his name hasn't been out there more. Again, he got hurt in the celebration after the return against Florida. He is a guy who hasn't lacked durability throughout his career."

(on Florida DE Jarvis Moss)
"He's a right side defensive end. He has pass rush abilities. He played on an outstanding college defensive line at Florida. I think it's all in front of him. He will get bigger and he will get better. That's a position again, if you're looking for a pass rusher, he can help your cause."

(is his weight an issue?)
"No, when I say undersized, he's 250-255 pound range. There are guys that can play at that weight. For example, Bobby McCray, he played at some points of the season at less than that. Certainly, (teams) would like to have a guys in the 260-range for the length of the season for 20 games before you get to the playoffs. I think (Moss) has the frame to get bigger."

(can he play in the 4-3 or 3-4?)
"I think he can. He showed that in his workout at Florida. All the defensive ends that are athletic, the teams work out during the course of the spring. He's one that I thought did well doing that. I think he has value because he can go either way depending on the team's scheme."

(on Florida S Reggie Nelson)
"He's a good player. I think he's in that talent range. It is a good safety year and he happens to be one of the better safeties. We have a lot of attention on him because he's right down the road here. I don't think there is any question that he has playmaking ability."

(on Nebraska DE Adam Carriker)
"He has a lot of play history at Nebraska. He's got versatility, different from (Jarvis) Moss with the 3-4 teams. He's more of a defensive end and five-technique in the 3-4 and he's a guy that could also fit in the 4-3 scheme as a three-technique. For us defensively, he could play the left defensive end or the three-technique or anywhere really along the front line. He's a good athlete and all the guys that have been brought up have shown the ability to affect games."

(does Michigan CB Leon Hall fit into that group?)
"Yes, he's a very talented player with a lot of play history. He makes a lot of plays on the ball. Among the seniors in the draft, I think he's another guy who can impact games. He can find the ball and is physical for a corner. He's got size certainly."

(on why LSU S LaRon Landry is ranked higher than Reggie Nelson)
"On some boards he may be that way just because of his workouts with height, weight and speed. He really had an outstanding workout, but so did Reggie Nelson. He's got a lot of play history at LSU. He played under Nick Saban as a true freshman playing in the secondary. Nelson is a junior college guy, who has played a year and a half at Florida. He's played nickel a year ago and last year was exclusively at safety. I think the height, weight, speed factor is there."

(on having a good idea of who's going to be around at the 17th pick and the teams ahead and below)
"You always have the human element. You would like to think that you have a strong grasp going in. You have to rely some on instinct. We really study the teams ahead of us and the teams right behind us that are reachable to get in front of us to know what their needs are. We think that we have a strong idea of what's going to happen, but it's not etched in stone. There is the element of surprise, but the way we do things, we just stay with our process of how we have it set pre-draft because we go through all those scenarios. I feel we know to a great degree who people are targeting, but that is always subject to change on draft day."

(do you adjust to guys on character issue with the new NFL conduct policy?)
"We always have. Character is something that is always strongly believed in here. That starts at the very top with our ownership. I think anytime you draft a player, you are dealing with a human being and there is always a certain amount of risk. I think you have to trust the history of the player and the history of the person. Then you have to make a good calculated decision based on the history and based on the pattern of behavior."

(on the group of quarterbacks after Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell, do you see a starter-type there?)
"Yes, like a Marc Bulger-type that can surface. There are certainly some of those guys. A lot of with those guys revolves around where they go. Some like horizontal games, some like vertical passing games. Some guys don't like short quarterbacks and some like more mobile quarterbacks."

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