James "Shack" Harris - Draft Press Conference


(on how you evaluate a draft prospect that is injured)
"You try to take players as far back as you can, even to high school. You look and see if a player was a great player in high school, then you look at him early in his career. Was he an outstanding player? So when you get to the senior year you have to go back to look at the junior tapes to see where he is. If you can work him out in the spring you can see if his speed coming off an injury is maintained and his athletic ability. If he's not able to work out then you just have to rely on the information you have. Sometimes players like this will slip because they are not able to work out before the draft."

(on if there is a group of three or four players that he has narrowed it down to in the first round)
"We feel we have the draft identified, the 14, 15 players that may go before we pick. Then there is another seven or so players that may be available and that is what we are working through now. Any of those players in the top 12 or 14, if they fall then we will have to take those players. We are working our way through the second level of players who we think will be there."

(on taking a different approach to the draft this year)
"When we look at the draft we realize there are going to be some voids where we are picking. When we pick a lot of the players we target, as needs may be gone that we really like. What's on the board, what we projected at the time we pick, will be good players at other positions. In discussing those situations, we may just have to take the best player because he's a better player than what we have as needs based on the way our board is shaping up."

(on how many potential first round players did you bring in to Jacksonville)
"We don't bring in a lot of first round players into Jacksonville because we have so much exposure on the road. We go to the Senior Bowl and we get a chance to meet with a group at the combine. We get a chance to meet with a group at their workouts. Our coaches do an excellent job. They make a lot of workouts where they are able to put guys on the board. They are able to talk with their coaches. If we get enough exposure on the road then there is no need to bring them in. Sometimes there are some guys after we come back and meet and get the information, there are some unanswered questions. There are some things we found that are a little different. We may bring some guys back to clear up some information."

(on taking a quarterback in this year's draft)
"Generally speaking, you would always like to add a quarterback if you could somewhere. You need to bring four to camp and you never know when you find someone like a Quinn Gray who we brought in. You are hoping you can find another guy like that."

(on the roster being so competitive compared to 2003)
"We feel like this year that the roster has improved. The first three years we knew there were some voids and if we drafted certain positions then that player had a chance to start. Now the roster is such that it can be a tough for a guy to make the team. We go into some drafts looking for a couple of starters, some guys that can make the team and special teams guys."

(on the club's recent first round selections)
"Our first round picks are all still on the roster. We feel that they all have the ability to make a contribution. We think they will. We took Byron (Leftwich) and I think Byron's numbers speak well compared to other young quarterbacks."

(on taking a receiver in the first round two of the last three years)
"The receiver is a position that sometimes it takes guys time to develop. We certainly need them to become more impressive, more consistent and contribute. There is no question about that. We maintain that they have the ability to contribute to us winning."

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