Jaguars: The Others

We've talked ad nauseam about the Jaguars two biggest team needs, at defensive end and safety. According to Tony Pauline, we have word that if none of the "big four" players that the Jaguars are targeting are available when they pick at #17, the Jaguars may actually pick the best player available, even though they may not have an immediate need at the position.

When I reference the "big four", I am of course talking about defensive ends Jamaal Anderson and Adam Carriker, safety Reggie Nelson, and cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Two more names recently popped up that the Jaguars would consider at pick 17, assuming they're available. Those names are Penn State's offensive tackle, Levi Brown, and Mississippi linebacker Patrick Willis. There doesn't appear to be a need, at least an immediate need at either of those positions on the Jaguars roster, but either of those two players would be a great value at the pick.

If the Jaguars were to select Brown, they would likely have another left tackle of the future. Whereas Khalif Barnes (selected in 2005) has been solid at left tackle, he doesn't possess the upside of a Levi Brown who can do everything well. Brown is 6'5.5", 323 lbs., and is a very strong, intelligent pass-blocking lineman. The only real knock on Brown is that he doesn't always play with a nasty attitude, but that is certainly something that can be developed in Jacksonville. If the Jaguars were to draft Brown, it would be eminent that the team would trade either Khalif Barnes or Maurice Williams. Williams has recently lost his starting job with the free agent acquisition of Tony Pashos, and sources say that the team is less than enamored with Khalif Barnes attitude, especially after the comments he made when he was arrested for his DUI in October of last year.

If Patrick Willis is around when the Jaguars pick, they would be getting the top rated linebacker in this draft. Willis is big, strong, and fast, as he stands 6'1", 242 lbs., and ran a 4.53 40-yard dash at the combine. Willis is a middle linebacker who plays best against the run. He takes good angles and is easily able to defeat blocks. If the Jaguars invested a first round pick on Willis, he would eventually be Mike Peterson's successor in the middle.

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