Ends Justify Means For Jaguars

The Jaguars will likely be seeking a defensive end in round one, and the names that have been linked to the team recently have been Jamaal Anderson and Jarvis Moss. According to Ed Thompson, the Jaguars visited with another top-tiered defensive end last week...

According to Ed Thompson, the Jaguars visited with Nebraska's Adam Carriker. Carriker is an intense figure that seems to do everything well at his position. Carriker is a hard-worker that can be used not only at the end, but also at defensive tackle. Carriker is a big guy, at 6'6", 296 lbs., and is extremely intelligent. Carriker has a burst and can rush the passer as well as plan the run better than just about any defensive end in this draft. The only knock on Carriker is that he can sometimes be handled by a single blocker. It is very unlikely that Carriker will be available when the Jaguars select at pick #17, especially due to Denver who is seeking a trade up with Houston to get Carriker. San Francisco is also reportedly very high on him.

If the Jaguars were to select Carriker, the pick would serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, Carriker would probably be able to step in and possibly unseat Paul Spicer in the starting lineup. Secondly, Carriker's presence would allow Reggie Hayward enough time to get fully recovered from his Achilles injury of last year, if he can recover. The final purpose Carriker would serve would be to put the Jaguars in a position of even more leverage with the disgruntled Bobby McCray.

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