JagNation Draft Chat with Adam Caplan

JagNation Premium Draft Chat with NFL expert Adam Caplan - 04/24/07

adamcaplan> Hi all
nsbjag> does anyone have a relatively good question for Adam Caplan?

RobbC> Adam, will you be in NY on Sat? or where?
adamcaplan> At draft - year #8

nsbjag> what is the atmosphere like there?
adamcaplan> Crazy, but fun

Jeffuf999> Do you think there will be opportunity for the Jags to trade back if the few guys they want aren't there? Any possible teams that might trade up?
adamcaplan> If Nelson is gone, NE could trade up to JAX

Jaggator1> We know about the players the Jags are interested in, but are there any trade rumblings you are hearing about regarding existing players on the roster that may be used to move up on Saturday?
adamcaplan> Nothing imminent

RobbC> Is it work for you, or do you just sit back and enjoy your prognostication?
nsbjag> big words
adamcaplan> At the draft, I do some radio stuff
adamcaplan> but it's very interesting because we're two rows back of the draft tables

nsbjag> Who would NE be targeting at #17?
Jeffuf999> RE: trade with NE...who would they be coming up for and what would they have to give up to move up to 17?
adamcaplan> They want to get a safety, LB, or CB... with both firsts
adamcaplan> I also see JAX taking a CB on the first day
adamcaplan> Starks is too small to play nickel, he's scrappy but gets muscled out by bigger WRs

Jaggator1> Will you be doing any reporting to local stations in Jax other than you gig with Serius?
adamcaplan> JAG: Tony Pauline does for jaguars.com I believe

JagAlfie> What do you think the chances are that Garrard or Maurice Williams are moved on draft day?
adamcaplan> Williams possibly depending on what they do on the first day
adamcaplan> I know they're concerned with Barnes, he needs to be more consistent
adamcaplan> And attitude too
nsbjag> I heard he loves Jacksonville
RobbC> Adam must have seen the video
JagAlfie> Well, I can' see Williams playing LT. He got abused at RT.

JHarvell7> Do you think revis falls to us at 17?
adamcaplan> Probably not, I believe he may go before Leon Hall

Jaggator1> A side bar question: Is there a limit on the # of times a team can use the franchise tag on a certain player?
adamcaplan> In new CBA, I believe there was a change. I wrote about it, I'd have to look it up
adamcaplan> next chat we'll hit on it

JagAlfie> Do you see the Jaguars addressing QB on the first day, like a Kolb or Beck?
adamcaplan> Possibly. Beck is going in the second for sure

JagAlfie> If they did that, which QB of their current three do they part with?
adamcaplan> Garrard, Gray could become the #2... they like him that much
JagAlfie> Exactly my thinking, :)
adamcaplan> But they have to find their future starter
adamcaplan> Giant Gary Coleman isn't it, I mean Leftwich
nsbjag> Boo!
Jaggator1> LOL!

nsbjag> Is there any type of market for Garrard after last years meltdown?
adamcaplan> 6th rounder probably

JagAlfie> Aside from injuries and poor usage of current talent, I really don't see what's holding Leftwich back.
adamcaplan> He gets hurt because of his elongated release.
adamcaplan> Don't put that on their OL
adamcaplan> He can't shorten up his windup
JagAlfie> But all his injuries have been scrambling or after he's thrown the ball
adamcaplan> false
JagAlfie> Which injuries then?
adamcaplan> Go back to his rookie season and also at marshall
adamcaplan> He makes excuses every time he gets hurt
JagAlfie> His rookie season he had a knee injury on a late hit from Texans DLineman.
adamcaplan> he can't get rid of the ball any quicker, that's the problem
adamcaplan> He doesn't have touch on short passes either

pigskinpimp23> Whats the word on Bobby McCrays story of not signing his Tender Do you think it was foolish at this point and does it put more pressure on Jags to address DE early?
adamcaplan> He wants a new deal, problem is Jags can only negotiate with him
adamcaplan> Great story on McCray though
adamcaplan> I remember watching him at close during senior bowl week
adamcaplan> he's so thin, but gets off the edge well

JagAlfie> Say the Jaguars land a Revis or Hall in Round 1, do they move Brian Williams to FS?

nsbjag> Does either Anderson, Revis, Nelson, or Carriker make it to 17?
adamcaplan> Nelson is Carolina passes on him, probably not on Anderson because DEs are tough to get... very valuable
adamcaplan> Revis no way, Hall maybe

Jaggator1> So it sounds to me like the Jags may have to reach for someone, if those guys aren't there...
adamcaplan> Not really, there are options
JagAlfie> Like?
nsbjag> If none of the four I mentioned are there at #17, and assuming they can't trade back, who do they take, Moss?
nsbjag> I'd hate to see them reach to fill a need while sacraficing value
Jaggator1> Jeff Lageman compared jarvis Moss to Jason Taylor last week....I just don't see that.
adamcaplan> He's very good though
Jaggator1> I hope we don't reach for moss.
adamcaplan> you worry about some character stuff
Jaggator1> I agree he's good, but not worth of 17
adamcaplan> Moss is a consideration there depending who else is on the board
Jaggator1> Yep. and he's light in the pants.
nsbjag> they wouldn't consider Branch, would they?
adamcaplan> makes no sense
tannerfox> What about the BAP for us at pick 17
adamcaplan> you don't take a third DT there
adamcaplan> which he would be for them
nsbjag> too much cap room in one place

JagAlfie> Is there a real big difference between Santonio Holmes and Ted Ginn? Ginn to me seems like another Troy Williamson
adamcaplan> Yes, speed with Ginn
adamcaplan> And special teams returns
JagAlfie> Didn't Holmes do the same, and run in the 4.3's?
adamcaplan> he's no where near as fast
adamcaplan> especially on film
adamcaplan> His return ability is what seperates him
adamcaplan> Holmes has the better size

Jaggator1> If it weren't for all the character questions this year, do you think Marcus Thomas would go in the 1st round and where do you realistically see him being taken?
adamcaplan> Yes, first round talent
adamcaplan> major issues

nsbjag> Jax doesn't usually trade much during draft day, any chance whatsoever of them moving up?
adamcaplan> No

JagAlfie> Could Brian Williams play free safety?
adamcaplan> Vikings did that a little with him but he's more of a CB

JagAlfie> Would Sabby Piscitelli be a huge reach in Round 2 for the Jags?
adamcaplan> He's going to go second round probably so no

RobbC> You hinted 2 weeks ago that you might have some info on RB's the Jags are looking at... what's the scoop?
Jaggator1> yes...do tell.
tannerfox> key word might
Jaggator1> I'm gonna guess Brian Leonard.
adamcaplan> late first day RBs
nsbjag> Deshawn Wynn?
Jaggator1> god noooo!!!!!!
JagAlfie> Lorenzo Booker?
adamcaplan> Chris Henry
nsbjag> Arizona guy
adamcaplan> despite the buzz, I can't see him going in the second
adamcaplan> we'll see
adamcaplan> before the combine he was a second day RB
adamcaplan> they want a RB with size
Jaggator1> Did he play for Koetter? Does he have character ????'s
adamcaplan> JAG: Wrong school
JagAlfie> He played for Arizona
adamcaplan> no character realy
adamcaplan> suspended one game
adamcaplan> but actually good kid
adamcaplan> graduated early
adamcaplan> smart
RobbC> taylor replacement eventually?
adamcaplan> They want a RB with size
adamcaplan> to replace Taylor

JagAlfie> If Nelson, Carriker, Anderson, and the CB's are gone in Round 1, where do you see the Jaguars going? Moss?
adamcaplan> Moss, CB

nsbjag> Would K.C. or N.O. be a candidate for a move up?
adamcaplan> KC possibly

JagAlfie> Would they reach for someone like Houston?
adamcaplan> He's late first early second

tannerfox> is griffin moving up or down at this time
adamcaplan> Late first early second on griffin
adamcaplan> teams have meriweather rated higher

Jaggator1> What is the buzz about Reggie Nelson falling down boards because of intelligence? Just teams blowing hype hoping he'll fall?
adamcaplan> We had that for premium subs this week
adamcaplan> He did ok in classroom session with coaches
adamcaplan> But he's not a box player
adamcaplan> better in coverage
adamcaplan> he's too small to play closer
Jaggator1> thats what I read...just wondering.

JagAlfie> What are your thoughts on Kevin Kolb? Is he limited to a WCO type team, or could he play in a traditional offense?
adamcaplan> More of a project than the other QBs
adamcaplan> good upside though
adamcaplan> threw the ball very well at the senior bowl

tannerfox> how about the QB Edwards? what is happening to his stock

Jaggator1> How much influence has Jerry Rhome had on Kolb's progress heading into the draft?
adamcaplan> He's an excellent teacher
adamcaplan> Beck, BTW, is highly regarded.

Jeffuf999> Do you see the Jags investing a first day pick in a LB again? Tim Shaw, Quincy Black?
adamcaplan> They could use depth but that's about it, 4th or 5th rounds

nsbjag> Zak Deossie?
adamcaplan> early second day

JagAlfie> Which receiver do you think the Jaguars have their eye on, Del Rio has said it's safe to say they'll draft one at some point.
adamcaplan> They'll look at a smaller WR with speed... possibly first day
tannerfox> Ginn
zachc> Figurs?
adamcaplan> More of a true WR, not KR/PR type
adamcaplan> Ginn is a better WR than Figurs

adamcaplan> Guys: That's all the time I have, keep an eye on our insider notes the rest of the week and our mocks
adamcaplan> later
RobbC> thanks
nsbjag> Thanks Adam, have a good night

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