Jaguars Draft: Worst Case Scenario

It's nearly the end of draft week, and most of our time and articles have revolved around the prospects the Jaguars have looked at, and are likely to select this weekend. We've already looked at the best-case scenario would be for the Jaguars when they select in each of the seven rounds, and now we're going to examine the worst-case scenario.

First Round- pick #17- Let's assume the Jaguars "big four" propects are all off the board, Anderson, Carriker, Revis, and Nelson. Let's also assume that there is no trading partner for the Jaguars to be paired with. The Jaguars front office has always claimed to be a BAP (best available player) drafting team, but the way they've picked in the first round doesn't really lay much credence to that. With the 17th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Jaguars select.... Jarvis Moss, DE, University of Florida. Moss is an athletic guy who has been compared to former Gator, Javon Kearse. Moss needs to get stronger, but should be able to fill in on the Jaguars defensive line rotation.

Second Round- pick #48- They reached in round one to get their defensive end. The value of the pick didn't match the player, but they filled a need. Let's assume that Green Bay has just taken Sabby Piscitelli in round two. The Jaguars select...Kevin Kolb, QB Houston. With quarterback Byron Leftwich playing out his final season, the Jaguars needed to pick a guy that they can groom in case Leftwich is either ineffective, or if he doesn't return. Kolb was the last guy available that the team thought could be a legitimate starter in time.

Third Round- pick #79- The team has picked a defensive end and a quarterback, and there is still a hole at safety. The Jaguars select...Josh Gattis, S, Wake Forest. Gattis is a guy that the team likes a lot, and they are afraid that he may not be around in round four.

Fourth Round- pick #113- The teams' two biggest holes have been filled on the first day of the draft, and they also selected a quarterback. The second day is usually for targeting positions, and the Jaguars still need to address depth at linebacker. The Jaguars select...Nick Roach, LB, Northwestern. Roach is an active guy who plays sideline to sideline. He can fill in at LB and play a lot of special teams in '07.

Fifth Round- pick #150- The Jaguars have officially filled all of their major needs, well maybe. Chris Hanson was awful in '06 and they need some insurance at the position. The Jaguars select...Adam Podlesh, P, Maryland. Since the Jaguars invested a fifth round pick on Podlesh, the punting job is pretty much his as long as he doesn't kick too poorly in preseason.

Sixth Round- pick #194- The Jaguars are afraid that they haven't addressed speed nearly enough in this draft and they end up going with a guy who could be a future play-maker at wide receiver. The Jaguars select...Roy Hall, WR, Ohio State. Hall has a T.O. type of body with the speed of an Olympian. Unfortunately, he wasn't good enough to find playing time at Ohio State.

Seventh Round- pick #229- The Jaguars need another capable corner, and they seem to like football players from the SEC. The Jaguars select...David Heard, CB, Mississippi State. Heard can make an immediate impact on special teams, and eventually fight for a spot at nickelback.

Seventh Round- pick #251- The Jaguars would like some more help on the O-line to eventually replace Dennis Norman when he replaces Chris Naeole sometime in the near future. The Jaguars select...Rueben Riley, OT, Michigan. Riley is a pick for future depth and will challenge for a roster spot after being moved inside.

Seventh Round- pick #252- The Jaguars need another punt returner, just in case Dennis Northcutt isn't what they think he is. The Jaguars select...Steve Breaston, WR, Michigan. Breaston was a dangerous guy in college, and then his productivity tailed off a bit. The team is hoping to find lightening in a bottle with this compensatory selection.

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