Jaguars: All Seven Rounds

We've looked at the best case draft scenario and the worst case draft scenario for the Jaguars. Now we are going to look at the most probable scenario for each of the Jaguars nine picks.

First Round- #17- Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh- With Jamaal Anderson off the board, as well as Adam Carriker and Reggie Nelson, Darrelle Revis was still available. Revis is a fantastic corner with great punt return skills, and he is at the top of the Jaguars list. Of course, the drafting of Revis will force the move of Brian Williams to free safety, and the Jaguars defense could be the very best in team history for '07.

Second Round- #48- Tim Crowder, DE Texas- Crowder is an explosive end who can "affect the quarterback". The Jaguars two biggest needs are defensive end and safety, and they were able to address both areas while still maximizing the value of their picks.

Third Round- #79- Kevin Kolb, QB, Houston- In a rather thin draft for quarterbacks, the Jaguars find Kolb still available at the #79 spot. They loved him in workouts, and they now have some kind of long-term insurance if Byron Leftwich gets injured again, or decides to bolt after the season.

Fourth Round- #113- Yamon Figurs, WR, Kansas State- Figurs has eye-popping 4.30 speed, and he wowed Jaguars special teams coach Joe DeCamillis at his pro-day when he caught a multitude of punts with one arm taped to his chest. Figurs can be a special teams star while he learns the receiver position.

Fifth Round- #150- Desmond Bishop, LB, California- Bishop is a big, solid guy that the Jaguars have been targeting, and he is a good fifth-round value. Bishop is a sure tackler, and should make an impact on special teams while he learns behind Mike Peterson at MLB.

Sixth Round- #194- Adam Podlesh, P, Maryland- The Jaguars can't have a repeat of the punting performance they received from Chris Hanson last year, and with this pick they won't. Podlesh is widely regarded as the best punter in the draft, and should be a long-term solution as well as an immediate upgrade.

Seventh Round- #229- David Heard, CB, Mississippi State- The Jaguars like Heard's abilities, and he should fit well in the zone defense that Mike Smith likes to employ. If Heard makes the team in '07 it will be on special teams.

Seventh Round- #251- Roy Hall, WR, Ohio State- Roy Hall has the body of Terrell Owens, and the speed of Michael Johnson. Hall also has the route running skills of well, me. Hall is a project, and the Jaguars like projects, especially when there is little risk with a compensatory pick.

Seventh Round- #252- Quinton Culberson, LB, Mississippi State- Culberson is fast and athletic, but he is still very raw, and considered a project type of player. If Culberson develops, great. If not, no major loss.

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