Reggie Nelson Conference Call

"The Eraser" answers questions about where he fits in with the Jaguars, playing his entire football career up to this point in the state of Florida, and how his day went. Courtesy of Adam Caplan, NFL Experts

On being drafted by the Jaguars- "I'm going crazy right now. I have been up since five thirty in the morning. I couldn't sleep. I was trying to do stuff to stay busy. I am really happy to be a Jaguar and add another Gator to the list."

On where he watched the draft- "I am in Melbourne right now with my family members and my oldest daughter."

On what he did all day- "I got up and cleaned the house, washed dishes, picked up paper in the yard. I came up to the hotel and my family members were looking at me and I'm looking at them. They were asking me if I was nervous. Yes, I was nervous. I'm going for a job."

On if he thought he would go higher- "I never paid attention to that all the way up to the draft. It really didn't matter to me as long as I am playing football. I really didn't pay too much attention. People would come up to me and tell me I was going high in the draft."

On if he had an indication the Jaguars were high on him- "No. I had visited with Coach (Mike) Smith and I was hoping they could take me. My hopes came up good. I'm happy to be a Jaguar and come in and help them out."

On being selected ahead of quarterback Brady Quinn- "That really surprised me. I thought he would have been off the hot seat. It will all work out for Brady Quinn. I wish him the best in everything. He's going to be a great football player."

On how he fits in the Jaguars defense- "There are a lot of players. They say nickel back, but whatever it takes to get on the field, special teams, anything to help the Jaguars win."

On playing professionally in Florida- "I played high school and college here and now I am in the league (NFL). It doesn't get any better than that. There are going to be a lot of fans around here and fans added on to the Jaguars."

On what he brings to the Jaguars- "Speed and covering ground."

On how many people he watched the draft with- "I have a big family. My mom who unfortunately passed away was the oldest one out of the bunch; my uncles, aunts and cousins were all here. There were about 25 to 30 people."

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