Harris on First Day of Draft for Jaguars


(earlier in the week you mentioned you didn't have a need for a lot of players but now you have 3 extra picks on Sunday) "It just fell like that. We'll go back tomorrow and see what we can do with those picks."

(was there no one else in the third round you thought was worth taking?) "We felt we could get the value tomorrow early, early in the fourth round."

(what do you like about WR Mike Walker?) "We like the fact that Walker is a good receiver. He runs good routes. He has good speed, running 4.3's at the Combine. He was third receiver in the nation this year with 90 catches. He's a tough guy that makes plays in the middle. Just a productive receiver that has instincts for the position."

(Walker had an ACL surgery after his junior year in college. Is that not a concern to you?) "Last season coming back off the ACL he had 90 receptions and then came to the Combine and ran 4.37, and when we worked him out and talked to his trainer and coaches, everybody felt he was ready to go."

(guys the size of Walker generally go earlier in the third round. Why did he go so late?) "Mainly because he's coming off the ACL injury and during the season he wasn't quite sure where he was with his speed."

(are you saying that teams had lost track of him?) "I'm not saying they really lost track of him but when you went in there during the season, everybody who graded him was kind of concerned about him coming off the injury."

(do you not have a concern of his injury?) "No, we feel he is ready to go."

(is he a player who can help your team this year?) "We feel he can contribute and compete. He also played some safety in his junior year so he's a tough competitive type player."

(with Walker's speed, can he be a kickoff returner?) "Not a kickoff returner but being a safety he maybe can fill in on some special teams."

(what is your goal for tomorrow?) "We're going to go in and try to put a plan together now for tomorrow based on who's available on the board."

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