Jaguars Take A Hybrid OLB/DE in Round Four

The Jaguars weren't completely shut out of defensive end's in this years' draft as they selected University of Missouri defensive end, Brian Smith with their second pick in round 4.

Brian Smith is an undersized guy for the defensive end position, as he stands just 6'4", 230 lbs., otherwise known as a "tweener". Smith could be a designated pass rusher on the NFL level, similar to what the Jaguars drafted last year in Brent Hawkins, who was a fifth-round pick. Smith is coming off of a nasty broken hip injury, which cut his senior year short. Before the injury, Smith earned all-conference honors in both of his years starting. Smith is solid with his hands and uses great leverage, which he must do, to overcome his lack of size. As many undersized guys are, Smith can be man-handled, or taken out of plays by stronger offensive linemen.

The selection of Smith in the fourth round seemed a bit early, but the Jaguars have so many picks in this second day, they're not afraid to possibly reach early for a guy that they like. Smith should push Jorge Cordova, Nick Greisen, and Pat Thomas for playing time and a roster spot, and Smith will have to play special teams to secure a position.

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