Reggie Nelson Press Conference

Reggie talks about his new teammates, playing at Jacksonville Municpal Stadium, and some of the knocks on his game.

Were you hoping this would be the team that selected you in the first round?- "You have no control over the draft so whatever team I went to I would be more excited just to play for them. But Jacksonville is real close to home. I went to high school here, college and now I'm now the (National Football) League so I'm just enjoying the moment right now."

On having success playing at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in the past as a Gator- "Yeah, we played (University of) Georgia every year here so this is a second home for me."

Did you have another sleepless night last night?- "I didn't get that much sleep. My family and everybody was still making noise. They were just going crazy in the hotel and when we went back to my mom's house and all my family was sitting around and cooking and stuff. It was a great moment for me and my family and my little girls – just enjoying the moment trying to let it sink in."

Are there some veteran players on the Jaguars team that you want to follow their lead?- "They got Mike P (Peterson) and Fred (Taylor). Demetrius (Webb) and I were ex-teammates and now we're teammates again. It's real exciting to be on the same team as these veterans. I just want to come in here and help them out the best way I can."

Have the Jaguars coaching staff talked to you about playing safety or corner?) "They didn't really mention it safety or corner or where they're going to play me at. It's just whatever position they need help at, I'm there."

How would you describe what you bring to this football team?- "What I bring to this football team is speed and covering ground. That's my specialty. I did that best in college. When I come in here and learn more stuff and just latch on to the veterans and just keep on learning."

Some people questioned if you were big enough to play in the NFL and if you can handle the physical play of the NFL, how would you answer that?- "Am I big enough? Size doesn't mean anything. We're all grown men. Just another game, speed, different sizes - just come out and play football like I've been doing."

The Jaguars have 10 picks today and DT Marcus Thomas is available. If they came to you and asked your advice on whether he'd make a good teammate in the NFL, what would your advice be?- "My advice would be ‘yeah'. I still talk to Marcus Thomas. He made some decisions in his life that he'll have to choose live with. Given a chance, he'll do right."

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