Broussard: Jaguars New Deep Threat?

Everyone has heard the phrase "speed kills". I'm not sure if speed actually does kill, but in football terms, speed will cause opposing coaches and players to get indigestion. If the NCAA would've allowed it, John Broussard could have been a spokesman for Tums. Opposing coaches and corners needed a bottle while preparing for, and then after playing Broussard's San Jose State Spartans.

Although Broussard is a skinny guy, he has been proven to be a big-play threat. While at San Jose State, Broussard had 13 plays of 40 yards or longer, including an 85-yard touchdown reception and a 90-yard touchdown reception. Broussard has solid hands, runs good routes, and can beat defenses deep. He is a player that the opposition must account for every time he's on the field. Broussard is also an accomplished kickoff return man who was in the top 20 in returns nationally.

If Broussard is going to make the Jaguars, it will likely be with a great special teams contribution. Although Broussard is small in stature, his speed is dangerous. says that " The Jaguars first pick in the seventh round in Broussard will pay off in many ways. This is a player who was under the national radar, and his speed will not go unnoticed if the Jaguars opt to use him to his ability. To find out more about John Broussard or San Jose Spartan football, go to

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