Batman Locked Up.. Now Waived

Early Saturday morning, Jaguars cornerback Ahmad Carroll became the latest Jaguars player to be arrested, as he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a pistol without a license, possession of ecstasy and possession of a firearm during the commitment of a felony.

Apparently, Carroll was pointed out after a disturbance in an Atlanta night club, and he allowed authorities to search his car where the found the weapon, and 11 pink tablets. Carroll was released on $7000.00 bond just a few hours later.

Ahmad Carroll became the third Jaguars in this off season to be arrested for some kind of charge that was linked to the possession of weapons. Wide receiver Charles Sharon back in March, was found with marijuana in his vehicle, as well as a stolen gun. Safety Gerald Sensabaugh was pulled over by authorities a few weeks later, and admitted to police that he had a weapon that was licensed to him on his person. The Sensabaugh situation is the only one out of the three that doesn't have the stench of stupidity associated.

What does this mean for Carroll? Ahmad Carroll is a former first round draft pick by the Packers (2004) that was released in less than two years. Carroll is a guy who the Jaguars saw potential in, but was going to have to fight to make the Jacksonville roster in '07. At this point, it is unlikely that Carroll will land a roster spot with the Jaguars, being that he wasn't expected to be a starter, and neither the team, nor the league needs this type of black eye, again. It is likely that the Jaguars will make an example of not only Carroll, but Charles Sharon as well, and perhaps some of the more valuable members of the team will take note of these situations, and not get involved with the possession of illegal firearms.

UPDATE 05/07/07: Jaguars have waived Carroll's contract.

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