Walker This Way

One of the Jaguars newest receivers, Mike Walker from UCF, may have been one of the best kept secrets in last weekend's NFL draft. Walker was a productive guy in college, despite playing in an offense that was average at best, with a quarterback that isn't considered any kind of pro prospect, at least not yet.

Mike Walker is also battling an ACL injury (hurt it in 11/05), and was thought of by many to be somewhat of a project type of player. Somehow, Mike Walker's 4.35/40 time at the NFL combine went virtually unnoticed. That may turn out to be a very good thing for the Jaguars.

Most people figured Walker to be just a possession type of receiver, who has problems getting off the line of scrimmage, and is still battling a bad knee injury. In reality, what the Jaguars receive in Walker is a guy with great speed, who is only going to get quicker as his knee gets stronger, and his production can't be denied. 90 receptions in the UCF offense is simply astounding.

Walker is going to have a great opportunity to get a lot of playing time this season. Although Reggie Williams and Matt   Jones have each showed moments of greatness, those moments have been brief. Ernest Wilford seems to have taken a step back in 2006, and newly acquired wide receiver Dennis Northcutt is a solid player, but no one will ever confuse him with a Pro Bowler. The opportunity is there for Walker to be an impact player in a passing game that can only improve.

When Walker was asked about how he felt after being selected by the Jaguars in round three, he said, "this is a dream come true. This has been a crazy day, but it's been well worth it. As you can see I have a great family, probably the greatest in the world, and to be able to share this with them is an awesome feeling. I'm speechless." The Jaguars and their fans hope that Walker's play on the field will leave them speechless. Special thanks to Ryan Powell at the UCF athletic department.

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