Jaguars Press Pass: Justin Durant


(on his first day of mini-camp)
"It was a little different. I expected it to be a lot harder. I'm catching on to it pretty quickly. It wasn't too bad for me out there today."

(on if it was harder than playing at Hampton)
"Of course it was harder than Hampton. He (Mark Duffner) threw a lot of things at me yesterday. I wasn't really expecting to catch on as quickly as I did."

(on how he keeps his head from spinning)
"Coach (Mike) Smith said to learn one thing and get that down and then move on. Don't try to take everything in at once. I'm just taking his advice and studying my playbook."

(on how he fits into the defense)
"I think I can be an asset to this defense with some of things they do and some of the things I have been doing in the past. It allows me to be free sometimes and allows me to use my speed and athleticism. I think that is going to pay off for me."

(on being a second round draft pick out of Hampton and if there is any added expectations)
"I don't really feel like I need to prove that, but I just want to prove to myself. I want to be the best that I can be at all times. People may be saying a couple of things, but obviously the Jaguars thought highly of me to draft me so high. I'm not really out to prove all the fans wrong and prove this person or that person wrong. I'm just going out there and doing my job."

(on his reputation of being a speed guy)
"I think that is my reputation, but I don't think that is all I am limited to. If you look at the things I have done I can be helpful against the run and of course I can play against the pass. Me being a speed guy, that is just because I run a 4.5. That is why they say I'm a speed guy. I think I can be an all-around linebacker."

(on if he found himself looking in the backfield today and seeing Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew)
"If I do that then someone is going to run right past me. I'm trying not to be like, 'that is Fred Taylor in the backfield.' I'm just trying to learn and watch from the older guys. When I was on the sideline I looked and said that is (Byron) Leftwich. People I have been watching on television for years and have been great pros. It's a blessing to be here."

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