Jaguars Press Pass: Fred Taylor


(on if the offseason practices get old after nine years)
"It never gets old. Actually you get excited about it, and then after the middle practice which is the third practice, you are like we are really back at it again. Your feet start to get sore and tired. I'm thankful to be here."

(on working out with Byron Leftwich in Miami)
"Byron works hard. I mess with him sometimes because he has taken a couple small trips where we could have got some extra work in. Then again you have to pace yourself. He looks a lot better compared to last season. His foot quickness is definitely better. When we go back later when we are done here, he will have the opportunity to focus and work a little bit harder knowing that it's all business now. You don't have to worry about pacing yourself at that point. We are going to get some more good work in at the end of June and early in July when we break camp here."

(after 10 years in the league, what are your goals? The Hall of Fame?)
"Going into each season, the Hall of Fame is so far from the front of my mind. I don't even think about the Hall of Fame. You hear about it, people talk about it, 'maybe we'll see you in the Hall one day' and this and that. That's irrelevant from what I'm doing now. When I look at it, a lot of guys don't get voted in sometimes 10, 20 years down the road, even longer, some of these guys that are getting voted in now. So right now that's not even in my mind but going into this season I do know I need about 400-plus yards to reach that 10,000-yard mark and I kind of have a little goal in the back of my mind of when I want to do it, and I'll keep that a secret."

(on 10,000 yards being important for you)
"At this point being that I'm as close as I am, yeah. I was slapping myself because it should have happened last year. I had a couple small hurdles, a couple minor injuries, but I shook those off this offseason. So I'll get 10,000 this year, and then I want to push it up more and more. I mean, why stop at 10,000? I want to go to 13,000. The next number would be 15,000 but that'll take some time."

(on making it to the Pro Bowl)
"Like I say, the satisfaction I get is from the respect that I get from my peers. I have no control over the Pro Bowl stuff or whatever. Always in my mind, I feel that I'm a Pro Bowl caliber player and a lot of that stuff is all fan hype anyway. A lot of that is hype so you can't control half of that stuff."

(on seeing Mike Walker in Miami prior to the draft)
"He's raw. He has a lot of room to grow, but when I did see him down (in Miami) working out, he worked out extremely hard. He has a nice frame. He reminds me of Andre Johnson over in Houston. So if he can get out there and play like that, I'll fall in love with him. I'll buy him a couple dinners. He looked pretty good today. Like I said, he has some room to grow. You can still see he's finding his way around, still thinking on what to do. I think he'll be a good one for us. I like the pick."

(on Dirk Koetter and the new offense)
"We're all going to try and get on the same page. From what I hear, his mind set is attack, be aggressive, attack. So, we'll see what happens. We all have to get on the same page first of all. He has to learn his players, his playmakers, his possession guys. Certain guys are better at certain things, for example, screens, draws, reverses. So, he has to get comfortable with the players he has here and his weapons. The bottom line is just all of getting on the same page and cliquing and a little bit of luck will help too, so we'll see what happens."

(on making the Super Bowl)
"It can be done. I think we have good enough coaches and players here to get it done. Maybe if we had beaten Kansas City last year, we would have been in the Super Bowl. You look back at those last three games and you're sick to your stomach. They showed us film yesterday that ended with the Colts being the champions and it was like man, this is a team in our division, a team that we physically beat down, and we probably should have beaten them the first time last year but you get no credit for that at the end of the season. But it makes you sick and it makes you really want to bust your butt and work hard to get back to the next season. So, I'm looking forward to this year considering they won the Super Bowl last year; I'm a little bit jealous. It's a little bit added motivation in the offseason. Every time you think of the Super Bowl champs, you have to see the guys faces that you see twice a year and who knows what's going to happen next year when we go up there. They're going to celebrate. They're going to have a banner in the dome. Man, I'm ready to play right now. But a Super Bowl can happen. It takes a lot, it takes a whole lot - coaches, coaching, players playing."

(how many more years do you think you have left in you?)
"I'm going to play my deal out. They've given me an opportunity to finish here. It doesn't always work like that a lot of the time but I would like to finish here. I want to finish my deal, so this year and maybe three more years after that I can call it quits and raise my boys, my kids, and do something else."

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