Jaguars Press Pass: Mike Walker


(on his first day of minicamp)
"I felt good out there. My knee felt pretty good. It was my first day without my knee brace and I just felt great. I'm just getting used to the system. I'm out there running around, running routes and the different plays."

(on if his head is spinning as he picks up the system)
"It's crazy. This is my first day in the NFL. You have to feel great. I'm just trying to stay humble, keep quiet and make plays."

(on if he likes the offense)
"Definitely. We're trying to stretch the field and that is what I do best. Going deep is one of my best attributes. I think I fit in pretty good."

(on having fellow rookie Reggie Nelson go through the experience with him)
"Reggie and I go back to high school. We played him twice when I was at Edgewater. We went to the California-Florida Bowl together. We played Florida last year and we just kept it up. We couldn't be the best of friends because we went our separate ways, but now that we are back here we are pretty good friends."

(on how tough it is to adjust to the NFL)
"Every time I asked someone about the NFL, they said the biggest difference is the speed of the game. I can see it. It's fast. The quarterback has only so many seconds in the pocket. I have so many seconds to get my route off. The speed is the big difference."

(on if he feels he needs to make big plays to get people's attention)
"Definitely. This is my job. I'm not on scholarship anymore. Making plays will get me paid. I just need to go out there and work hard, make plays every day and be consistent."

(on the coaching staff throwing a lot at the rookies in the first day)
"I feel comfortable. They are throwing a couple of things in at a time. They are not killing me with 10 different plays a day. I'm just getting comfortable with it, learning the plays, trying to take it one day at a time."

(on the playbook being difficult to pick up)
"Not that much. I think I am a pretty quick learner. I went out there and I thought I knew everything I was doing. I think I did alright.

(on how long he has known Reggie Nelson)
"Since high school. We met at the California-Florida Bowl. We were up there the whole week. The whole team got really close with each other. We just kept in contact through college and now we are teammates.

(on making it to the NFL)
"It's an experience. It's something you dream about. I'm just living out a dream right now."

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