Jaguars Press Pass: John Broussard


(on his chances of making the roster)
"I don't know right now. I just need to keep making plays and see what happens. I'm not really thinking about it. I'm just focusing on doing everything I can."

(on his first day of minicamp)
"Everything was good. We ran like a million different plays. I already know it's going to be overwhelming in a couple of days. I'm just going to let everything happen."

(on how he is handling everything that is thrown at him)
"Just breathe. People come up to me and they are just wired. I just relax and let everything come to me. I have been playing since I was in fourth grade. It's just football after you get over everything."

(on playing on the east coast)
"I am not really big on being at home. I will go anywhere I have to, to do what I have to do. I'm used to it."

(on rooming with fellow receiver Mike Walker)
"We are cool. We are in the room joking around, just trying to help each other out. There is enough for everybody. You want to see other people do good. It's just a game. Everybody is getting paid good."

(on why he should make the team)
"I guess I showed the coaches what they wanted. Right now they are talking about me being a speed guy and stretching the field. Obviously, I can do that because I'm fast. I have a lot of other things I can do, too. I am going to show them those and we will see."

(on what it would mean to him to make it in the NFL)
"It would mean a lot for my family, my brother (Jamal Broussard). My brother went through a similar process because he was a free agent. He made three teams (Cincinnati, Carolina, Houston). I do everything for him, my family and my position coach back in California."

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