Jaguars Press Pass: Matt Jones


(despite minor injuries, how is it to get back out to practice?)
"It's definitely good. It's always good to be back out there running around and trying to get a little rust off."

(how difference is this offense from last year?)
"It's definitely a little more vertical. I think as you can tell by watching practice there is definitely some more down the field throws and it's going to open everything up. The safeties have to stay back more for Maurice (Jones-Drew) and Freddy (Taylor) to run, and when they start coming up, we have to take advantage of it and get Byron (Leftwich) to make some plays."

(have you settled in to what kind of wide receiver you're going to be in this offense)
"It's whatever the coaches want. Right now we're all doing everything so they can get feel for it since we have new coaches in, and then starting in August when we come to (training) camp, they're going to kind of narrow down our roles, like 'this is what you're good at; let's build on this.' And so right now, we're working on everything."

(how much of a sense of being pushed do you have with the drafting of a couple wide receivers and Dennis Northcutt was brought in?)
"That's good. That helps out our team. Nothing like that is going to push me more than I'm going to push myself. I push myself to be the best that I can be out there and that's always been my goal and it's always what I'm going to do."

(do you think there will be more competition at the wide receiver position?)
"Definitely. We have a young group of receivers and we have a lot of them out there, so that's good. As long as we're competing and getting better every day, I think that can't do nothing but help the team."

(on fighting the nagging injuries at this time)
"It's just getting my body used to doing the receiver every day. Hopefully we can fight through it and don't have to worry about it and be more like the rookie year when I was kind of injury-free. So hopefully we can get back there and be alright."

(how has Byron Leftwich been during camp?)
"He's been doing good. We have three great quarterbacks and Byron is definitely the leader of the team and somebody we all look up to and he's been doing great."

(how do you knock the rust off from the offseason?)
"When you go out there, you don't want to do anything to hurt yourself again. You just go out there and you do what the coaches taught you and what you were doing in the offseason when you weren't out there running routes. So, you just have to build on that and watch film and try to emulate the plays you see on film and what you've done."

(is it better to have the minor injuries now than in training camp?)
"Yeah, it's better now than then so hopefully we can get through everything and get right back on the right path and be alright."

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