Jaguars Press Pass: Mike Peterson


(how are the OTAs going for you?)
"Pretty good. I'm excited about it just to be back in football, and I think a lot of the guys are excited about it, so it's going pretty good."

(awhile back you commented you were antsy to get back to football. Is that feeling still there?)
"It's still there, probably even more so because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can see myself in pads, see myself on Sunday making plays. So, I'm a little excited about it."

(what can the defense do to be even better than last year? You had terrific numbers last year.)
"Just build on last year. There's no time to pat ourselves on the back but go to the plays where we should have made but didn't make, cause more turnovers, get the ball out of the running back's hands. Just build on last year and try to be that dominate defense."

(what areas do you think you're going to miss Deon Grant?)
"His leadership probably. His leadership on the field, leadership in the locker room. You know how this league is, it's an opportunity for somebody else to step in and step up."

(what do you think of Reggie Nelson so far?)
"A great athlete. I've been watching him so I pretty much know about him. Another (University of Florida) Gator, so he's going to be fine."

(some players when they come from college and go into OTAs and mini-camp they don't look like they did in college, although Reggie Nelson does look the same)
"Once an athlete always an athlete, that's my motto. It's just a matter of translating that to our team and learning the playbook and doing it on Sunday. But he's going to be fine. Like I said, he's a Gator so he's going to be alright."

(on the Barrow, Alaska high school team visiting tomorrow)
"I heard briefly about it. Guys were talking about it and mentioned it as we were walking on the field. I'm excited to meet those guys."

(what's the coldest game you've ever played in?)
"Probably it was Denver in 2002 or Green Bay two years ago."

(on your upcoming youth football camp being held in Jacksonville on June 8th)
"It's the first camp I'm brining to the city of Jacksonville. I wanted to put it out there that it's a free camp. We're expecting 200-300 kids, June 8th at Ribault High School. It's going to be a fun event. I know a lot of guys have camps but we're going to teach the guys about football, about life away from football. So it's going to be fun. I'm going to let the guys have fun. I'm going to bring some of our players out there from the Jags, guys from other teams. So, it's a free camp. We're working with Moe's and Best Buy. They're right there with me. I'm excited about it and I hope the city is excited about it."

(which players will you have out there?)
"Right off the top of my head, I got to have my Gators out there, Freddy (Taylor), Reggie (Nelson), and the two big boys in front of me - Marcus Stroud and John Henderson - and all the linebackers. Then I'm going to dip over to the offense. I got Left (Byron Leftwich), trying to get Mo-Jo (Maurice Jones-Drew). I'm trying to have a sprinkle of a lot of different guys. I might even try to bring one of the kickers out there; I was teasing them a little earlier so they might be a little upset with me right now. My brother from Chicago (Adrian Peterson), I'm going to bring him down. So it's going to be a fun event. It's my first event in Jacksonville as far as a football camp so I'm really excited about it."

(can you see differences in the offense already?)
"Oh yeah. First off the bat, they spread the ball around. I remember we would get into passing camp and it was a quick route here and a quick route there. I think (Byron) Leftwich is excited about it. I can see the energy on him on being excited about it. It's too early to make predictions but I'm looking forward to sitting on that sideline watching that offense light up the scoreboard."

(is this the time when camaraderie starts with the new players?)
"Oh yeah, definitely. Older guys, myself, we pull those young guys along and say 'this is the NFL…this is how it's run….this is what you do…this is what you don't do.' Once training camp gets going, there is no time for the teaching. This is the time for all that right now."

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