JagNation NFL Power Rankings

Since there is very little Jaguars related news at this time of year, it is a great time to do the segment that everyone loves to hate, the power rankings. They are completely opinion based, especially at this time of year, and are a great basis for some good discussion and hurt feelings. Like last season, we will start our off-season rankings with the Super Bowl Champions at the top.

1. Indianapolis Colts- Super Bowl Champs lost a lot of players on defense, but will likely still be in the mix as long as the Super Bowl hangover doesn't set in.

2. New England Patriots- The Patriots were the second best team in the league last year, and all they did was revamp their entire wide receiving corps, as well as adding the best linebacker in free agency, Adalius Thomas.

3. San Diego Chargers- The Chargers were probably the best team in the NFL last season, and if it wasn't for some major mental and coaching errors, they would have likely won the Super Bowl. There were major coaching changes in the off season, but the Chargers still have the same great core of talent.

4. Denver Broncos- If the Broncos can rush the passer, and Jay Cutler progresses this year, Denver could easily win the Super Bowl.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers finished strong last year, and now that their Super Bowl hangover is finished, they should be a contender again, assuming Big Ben stays healthy.

6. Philadelphia Eagles- If McNabb can come back strong, the Eagles can make it to the Super Bowl in the weak NFC.

7. Baltimore Ravens- Great defense, upgrade at running back, declining skills at quarterback. Ravens lost a lot in free agency on the O-line, I expect them to take a step back.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Defense is better, offense is better, the major question mark is the health of the quarterback, and if they can get a pass rush.

9. Dallas Cowboys- Good draft, solid roster, can Tony Romo get the job done?

10. Cincinnati Bengals- Potent offense, how will they stop anyone on D?

11. New Orleans Saints- Lots of offensive talent, can't stop the passing game?

12. Chicago Bears- Lots of questions at quarterback, will Briggs show up?

13. Carolina Panthers- Is Delhomme going to be consistent, and can the defense stay healthy?

14. Seattle Seahawks- The Hawks should be poised for a deep playoff run if they can adequately replace Darrell Jackson.

15. San Francisco 49ers- The Niners spent a lot in the off-season, will Alex Smith be good enough?

16. Arizona Cardinals- New coach, lots of talent, but they're still the Cards. They need to show me before I put them any higher.

17. N.Y. Jets- The Jets could've been the worst playoff team ever last season. This year they come back to earth with a tougher schedule.

18. N.Y. Giants- Giants lost a lot in the offseason and haven't really made improvements. They will go as far as Eli takes them.

19. Buffalo Bills- Bills have a solid unit which will compete hard every week. They could be a playoff contender if Losman takes another step forward.

20. Atlanta Falcons- Will Vick play, or will he be in jail? The Falcons should be mediocre again.

21. St. Louis Rams- Can Bulger stay healthy? If so, they could be competitive.

22. Kansas City Chiefs- Major QB issues, major offensive line issues.

23. Miami Dolphins- Who will be their quarterback, when will the defense stop being effective at their age?

24. Green Bay Packers- Sorry Brett, you're holding back the franchise's future.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jeff Garcia? I don't know about that.

26. Houston Texans- New quarterback, new direction? Not likely, they still have no depth.

27. Minnesota Vikings- Tavaris Jackson at quarterback? They should be drafting high again.

28. Washington Redskins- Great tandem of safeties in Taylor and Landry, they may be a little better this year, but I still don't believe in them fully.

29. Oakland Raiders- Very good defense, their offense still won't score enough to win them games.

30. Cleveland Browns- They won't win much while transitioning to Brady Quinn, but the future looks brighter.

31. Tennessee Titans- How did the league's worst defense get better? They lost their best player for the season (Pacman),signed Nick Harper and drafted Michael Griffin. What about the offense? They lost their best running back, and wide receiver. Titans are ready for a tumble.

32. Detroit Lions- The Lions are the NFL's floormats, and will likely still be in '07.

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