JagNation Press Pass: Marcedes Lewis


(where are you health-wise?)
"I would say 80-85%. I did a little bit of stuff today just as far as getting my reads and I've been taking a lot of mental reps so I was able to get in there…protection-wise, whether it be chip out to the and stuff like that. I still can't open up. My hamstring is still grabbing a little bit but I'm doing what I can off the field to get back on the field."

(are you anxious to get back out on the field fully healthy?)
"Yeah, but this is life. It is what it is. Nobody can't say I'm not working hard. I bust my butt. It's just unfortunate that I have little injuries like this that slow me down sometimes but it's a good thing that it happened in May and not in August."

(this will be your third offense in three years. What is it like to have to relearn?)
"This time it's a little different. It's kind of similar to the one I ran in college so I was able to catch on to it a little faster than I did with the first offense when I got here. It's pretty good. I'm listening and taking every coaching point that I can. It's not slowing me down a bit."

(is it going to be a good tight end offense?)
"Yes. I can't wait to get out there. We have a lot of stuff involved, double tight ends, and whether we're in the slot or attached to the line of scrimmage, we're doing a lot of things and a lot of motioning to mix the defense up and get ourselves open."

(last year, the tight end position was used more for blocking)
"We have a great group of tight ends this year. We're learning everything. So everybody will be able to do everything. If (Jermaine) Wiggins comes out and he's at the S (second tight end) …I should be able to come in and do the S (second tight end) and vice versa. It's working out well right now."

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