JagNation Press Pass: Byron Leftwich


(how will you spend the time between the end of OTAs and the start of training camp?)
"Once these OTAs are over, I'm going to take about two weeks to just work more and more on my body, get more into the training mode. Get out of the football mode for two to three weeks and then, at some point right after the 4th (of July), I'll get right back into football mode. But I'm going to train myself, train my body for this long season that we have."

(on the rumors of the Jaguars interested in acquiring Daunte Culpepper)
"I really have nothing to say about it. We'll see what happens. I'm cool. I know if he does come in it will affect the quarterback position. Who it affects? We really don't have a clue, but I'll be ok."

(has Coach Del Rio or anyone else talked to you about this?)
"I'll keep that between me and the person I talked to."

(do you think having those rumors lingering out there affects the quarterback position?)
"I think it affects the position. Who it affects, you really don't know. This is my team and I'm ready to go. Anything outside of that, I don't worry about. It's a great topic to talk about so there's a lot of news on this. We'll see what happens. I don't know if he is going to sign or not but anytime you can add a guy like that who has had the success he has and the type of year that he had in 2004, it helps the team. It helps the group. It doesn't matter what position. If a guy was that good and he came in and he played tight end, wide receiver or running back, I think when you add a guy with that much experience, it helps the group as a whole."

(if there were a player at another position with the same type of experience, would you be more in favor of it?)
"I'm favor of whatever they want to do."

(would you then be more excited if it were another position?)
"I don't care. I'm not a bum. I can play, so it's like anytime you can bring someone and help (the position), it has to make our position stronger. I don't know how healthy Daunte is or whatever but like I said, who it affects? They don't know but you know you can't go into the season with four quarterbacks so who it affects, you never know."

(if Culpepper came in here as your back-up, would that help you and give you confidence knowing you've got someone like that behind you?)
"I plan on playing every snap, so that's my thinking. I think David (Garrard) is capable, I think Quinn (Gray) is capable. I think a lot of people are capable of coming in but let's not get into …. If he's going to sign, it's perfect. I know Pepper. I'm friends with Pepper and I have no problem with that. If he doesn't, he doesn't but let's not act as if he's already here. I'm not going to talk about my teammates that I've been here with for four years now. I've got a lot of respect for them and what happens, happens but we'll see. Let's wait until it happens, or if it does happen, to see what's really going on because I'm just like you, I don't really know what's going to happen or his situation. To be honest with you, I'm not even worried about it. I know what my task is at hand and that's all that really matters."

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